New Apartment & New Omakase

Sorry everyone for the lack of content and information! I was in the busy process of moving these past few days and I finally had the big day yesterday! It is scary, exciting and so different, that I cannot wait to see what develops from it. As I mentioned earlier, I do have high expectations for this move and I am hoping it challenges me as an individual, while also giving my website a more vibrant and creative push than it has previously done for me. While it is most certainly as different setting and experience, I am hoping that I can at least enjoy every little bit of it.

New Omakse about

In other and much more interesting news, Omakase just unveiled their latest box, The Hatsune Miku Box! Also Featuring Kagamine Rin & Len, Megurine Luka, KAITO & MEIKO! I was told earlier in the month of January by Viewster that I would thoroughly enjoy this next box in the coming month of March and boy do they not disappoint; I bet they could easy win any date! At the very least, I am thoroughly excited and quite pleased to see this coming around! As many of you may know, March also happens to be the month of my favorite convention, Otaku Gamer Zone’s one year anniversary AND my birth month! So many awesome things get to happen in March that I can hardly believe what I am hearing, seeing and experiencing! I was hoping it would be an awesome box! And boy was I ever so right with my intuition! Viewster did tease several images on their Official Twitter page, and it sent the masses scrambling for an answer, one that mainly seemed to concern the anime, Food Wars. This may be… food for thought when concerning a new box but, boy were the masses wrong. For those that caught on, this left a hype train in the station, accepting new passengers.

You can catch Viewster’s latest box by head on over using this link right here! We do get a bit of commission for each individual that signs up for Omakase! Every little bit helps us on the long road to help keep OGZ awesome and to also eventually add some professional touches to the over all feel and appeal to the website. Signing up for Viewster’s Omakse service is a bi-monthly subscription and it nets you not just the box but, Ad-Free HD Streaming & digital goodies (I.E. Music, comics and more!). I hope to have an unboxing video of Viewster’s previous, Naruto Shippuden box uploaded today, however, it may be postponed yet again to allow me time to finish unpacking and to finally settle in.

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3 thoughts on “New Apartment & New Omakase

  1. Ooooh, Vocaloid, tempting…

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    1. If you do sub, use those links of ours ^¥^v

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  2. I do enjoy Len Kagamine, hmmm . . . *stares into empty wallet*
    Congrats on the smooth move, and welcome back!


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