Alright, some changes are afoot! The biggest changing is coming with a change in location. No, I am not moving away from WordPress or changing the website from how it functions (Well not in any drastic way, there are some changes coming). No I, Kausus, will be moving to a new location in life.

I will be in the process of packing items up and getting things ready to go for my move into the big fancy world of apartments! It will be a influence on how often I will be posting for this whole week. Now this will be done with in a quick matter, it also depends on how fast I can get to approval and okay to move in. There won’t be anything big getting posted this last week of January though, I still plan on getting some content out to you all.

I also will have some changes coming up to how articles will be pushed out. While I need to work on the details of the changes, I can say it involves bringing in two new faces to the OGZ family! So, please look out for those changes and the two new faces! Now, this has been Kausus and thanks for reading!



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