First Impression: -Dimension W-

It seems like 2016 is going to be the year of awesome anime titles and this is just the winter ones! Keeping up with good fashion and the likes, Dimension W carries it on with awesome traction. While not as deeply thrilling as another title that I am in love with this year, Dimension W keeps pace very well. It is both an anime that loves it’s action and an anime that flows from scene to scene, pretty darn seamlessly. The voice work is just phenomenal and the art just speaks volumes.


We are given an Earth that is not too different from ours, except for the fact that in the year, 2036, Dimension W was discovered. In this Dimension laid an inexhaustible power source. Humanity discovered a way to tap into this potential and has now used it to create a new utopia for mankind. However, not everyone likes the singular company control over the technology nor the technology itself. Illegal copies begin popping up and all too often do they spell disaster. There are free agents and organizations that keep these illegal copies in check. It is through this method that we get introduced to our cast of characters. One man, Kyoma, who’s hatred of coils and their power leads him to live a life without them and an android, Mira, who’s human like qualities and characteristics make her unusual and of curious concern to many in the local area. These two meet in circumstances that drive them into a specific partnership. The circumstances being, Kyoma’s job as a Collector, one who retrieves illegal coils And as for Mira? Well, she is trying to help her dying father and creator of the New Tesla Company, find the source of these illegal coils as well as being a unique creation from the hands of her father. This forces the two individuals into an unlikely partnership. Of course like most partnerships, it starts off on the other foot.

While only two episodes in, I got to say, I am in love with the action and style of this anime. It just breathes with very little effort. I did not know what to expect going into the first episode of this anime, although I did have some prior impressions based on what I was seeing from around the major news sites. Dimension W has one hell of an opening, as well as a soundtrack that I think I could find myself playing on loop. The opening is something else though, it opens with a rather odd dance from Kyoma and it just unique in its own right. I have to say though, this is going to be one swell anime, regardless of it’s length. I love how fluid and dynamic the art in this anime has been so far and regardless of again how long it will run, this will be on my list of must watch anime for the Winter 2016 period!

Dimension W is currently only available on Funimation for streaming however, I do hope it will pop up on other services, such as Crunchyroll for a more diverse viewing list. It is currently only on its second episode, as stated earlier however, I do look forward to seeing what sort of run this anime will have!


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