Transistor Is Utterly Beautiful


While I may be getting to the boat late in its cruise, thanks to a new PSN Indie Game Flash Sale, I was able to catch up to the boat that took off with, Transistor. Transistor is a BEAUTIFUL game. The graphics are simplistic yet so alive. If you are not familiar with the indie developer, Super Giant Games, then you need to take a moment to check this developer out. I first fell in love with their work when they originally released, Bastion, which wowed me with it’s artistic design and flavor. The voice narration was incredible and I became so obsessed by it that when it came time for Bastion to release on the PS Vita, I couldn’t help but hop on board that train again. Now, Transistor did release a while back on the PC and recently, it released a bit ago for the PS4. Only now, have I felt like hoping on board with this latest game by the company.

My reason for going with the now was simply, I didn’t have the cash at the time. I wanted to explore the world of Transistor but the cash just was not there sadly. Thanks to this sale, I have been able to hop on board with this latest title and dear holy blob, is this game grand. The music, oh dear lord, the music! The main theme for this game is just simply stunning and so original that I cannot help but feel invoked and drawn in by it all. The music really sets the feeling of this title and it is just beautiful in its own right and I do not just say this lightly. Take a listen for yourselves and let me know what you think. The linked song is the main theme for the game.

If you got a grandiose pair of headphones to listen to that song to, all I can say is goose bumps for the win. Now, I feel bad still just now talking about this game but it has some rather nifty gameplay features and mechanics. While not original, they are used in a way and shape that just frankly hasn’t been done in recent memory. The game features odd little entities of people that you can collect to give you different abilities and functions. These can be moves to help you move faster, to dealing damage to the enemies of the game. These moves can deal greater damage when used in tandem with the mode that allows you to freeze time, analyze the situation and to use a metered limit of actions to perform more precise moves.

While the move set and formula can be found in other games, Transistor makes an artistic use out of it all and it frankly just works very well! Even the dying mechanic is grand. You get a moment of last decisions to see if you can still squeeze out a win and if not, then you simply lose and ability when you die. I lost one of the very beginning moves due to an error in a boss fight and it made fighting everything else a bit more tricky. This isn’t a permanent thing however, once you check-in to enough access points, you will eventually gain the use of this ability once more. It has a lot of nifty skill mechanics that use these core like objects you find form the deceased remains of people you encounter. While I am not too far into the game to know all the details, these core’s give you different move’s and or abilities that allow you to do new things, like dash, or to help increase the power of a specific ability.

While I have yet to really dip my foot into the game and story as a whole, I have to say I am very impressed with what I have done so far in the game. The voice work is god tier amazing and it is just crafted with so much love that you gotta love the folks at, Super Giant Games, for delivering a title that does not compromise on quality for quantity. While quantity is great for keeping a company afloat, more fans will appreciate the quality and effort that you put into a title more so than the game of, how many units can we push. You can pick up Transistor on the Apple App Store, Steam and PlayStation Store.

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