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As of late, I have been seeing more and more users mention or discuss affiliate programs. For me, I thought you needed a high-end website or blog to be one. I was pretty wrong. Some programs, like an ambassador program, require you to have talked heavily about an item. Most of these affiliate programs are designed to be usable from the start and give you a small percentage of income from purchases made using your link. Pretty sweet huh? Great thing is, you too can sign up for one as well! However, I will address those details in a later article. For now, I want to focus and frankly, be a bit selfish right now.


I have had some Direct Tweets and emails about ways users can help out OGZ. Aside from the promotion of our site and such, what we really need is a little bit of a leg up on the financial front! By using the affiliate links we provide in our side bar on the home page and the pages of every article you read, we get a small percentage driven back towards us. It won’t drastically affect us and what we do, it will just help supplement some expenses we have for running the website. I may be able to throw my extra helpers a bone as well. Not that they don’t love me already! I will make a separate page with affiliate links and details so that way they are easy to find and locate. Right now the only affiliate link I have is a Play-Asia link. Now if you are like me and want some of those exclusive PS Vita releases, this is a great place to grab them and heck, you can often get ones that have English subtitles already built into them! They just haven’t sent them over here yet… Odd. While their pricing is high, counting shipping costs, they do have an awesome library of games from both Asia, Europe and North America. You can find a little bit of everything here.

We also happen to have a PayPal donation button that will appear on the left or right hand column of our page(s) that you can click on to donate a specific amount or if you are feeling generous you could set up a monthly recurring payment of any amount! All of the funds will go toward helping make OGZ grand. From paying our Anime subscriptions to getting better equipment to even hiring individuals that are able to code and such.  We do have a projected plan that we will lay out in detail when we manage to get a bit more time!

That is pretty much it really. It’s pretty simple setup. You click, you buy an item, I get some of the profit back as commission. It really is helpful in a long run, even though it doesn’t look like it is doing much at all. Any and all help and love is appreciated! This won’t affect what we do at all, OGZ will keep on trucking. Thank you all so much for the awesome support and I look forward to more developments soon!

Play-Asia Affiliate Link: http://www.play-asia.com/?affiliate_id=2126151

Follow OGZ: https://twitter.com/OGZ_kausus


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