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It is time for the third entry in our, Website Feature, section. This time it is a focus on an author that likes to live life on YouTube, providing some excellent video based discussions on just about every topic that she can think of when it comes to anime, games, life and phones. We are talking about the always amazing and always awesome website,

Through her website, Animereviewergirl, attempts to get us all involved on the trail to discussions and overall commentary on great anime topics. Her topics have influenced us here, as well as many viewers that have followed her work thus far. She is passionate about what writes and she is equally passionate about what she puts into video format. Not to many websites that I follow are as active as this author is. She literally puts forth so much of herself into the videos that she makes that you get a better sense of who is actually behind the webcam. Her videos are the best part and make up most of her website. While not the end all be all, it certainly takes a much more headlined appraoch. Her website is varied in content and will always include a link to the latest video she has made. I have followed her for only a few months but I got to say, what she does is gold. Her videos leave me with a lot of thoughts and often make me want to go out and write a response article on what she just covered. Which we have, it was awesome and inspiring. 10 out of 10. Her videos while not gushing pixels are both charming and enjoyable to watch. It is nice to see a YouTuber who is not all about the fluff and instead focuses on providing her followers with awesome and fun content, just about everyday.

What it all boils out to is just another passionate anime fan who has found a way to voice her love and interest for the subject. Her videos are always on my must watch list and if you haven’t seen already, they are also featured on our websites little YouTube Feature. I guess it is just a charming point that she happens to have. Not to mention she is very active on both and Instagram. So, if you happen to enjoy her videos and posts, feel free to give her some love by following her on her various social media outlets! So if you love videos about anime and you love listening to someone who can carry on an awesome discussion and conversation about it all, then please go visit her website,

As always, we try to feature some websites that we personally love and enjoy from around the WordPress community and beyond. I do wish to make this a weekly or at the very least a bi-weekly format. We love giving exposure to those who are awesome with the community and to those who truly are a diamond hidden in the rough. Animereviewergirl joins the ranks as our third featured website and I do hope you enjoy her content as much as you do ours!

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2 thoughts on “Website Feature: -Animereviewergirl-

  1. I agree with this post. She is an outspoken anime fan that loves anime. She always has these great discussions. She is awesome to have as an anime friend 🙂

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  2. Woot! It’s another one of the community’s favorite gals getting featured on this wonderful blog. And I agree, it is nice to see a fan not just exploding over certain shows, but providing interesting thoughts that make me think of over 1000 words.

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