Let’s Talk Gaming: -Persona 5-


Since I made the grievous error to not include this in our must watch games of 2016, I figured it deserved its very own highlight. Yes, that is the game, the legendary game, Persona 5. Originally supposed to launch last year, it did get moved back to mid 2016 and frankly, that is okay. Why? Well, quality for one. If the game wasn’t meeting their standards for quality then obviously, it was worth getting moved back to a later date. Does it make much sense to the fans? Eh. Some where visibly upset and others, like my self, were fine with this move. I have never not had an issue with any of the Persona games however, I was not around for those day one releases of said titles. I have only been able to play these games well after their initial release period. This will be the first main line Persona game, aside from Persona 4 Dancing All Night, that I will be playing on day one. If there is a pre-order for the game, you can bet that I will have this title ordered with enough time to relax and eagerly wait for the title’s release.

That being said, what makes Persona 5 so special? Well, it will play like almost every other Persona game before it, of course we get introduced to new titles and concepts that will improve gameplay. Other factors that pop in will be the fact that this will be the FIRST Persona title to appear on the PS4. It will also be released on the PS3. But it is big to see this title launching on the PS4 this year. It will be a much needed incentive to own and already amazing console. What I am most excited for is just the life-simulator aspects of the game. I mean yes it is odd playing a game that is part dungeon crawler and yet it is also part high-school simulator. You are encouraged to perform well in academics and to join a club. Heck, you even are encouraged to pursue a romantic interest. Some of which may not even be available to you until you start a second play-through.


It is this exact formula that draws me in and so many other users as well. It is just something about this mixture of genres that just seems to sit very well however, the Persona series is not known for it’s lax nature or it’s walk-through nature. It will ask a lot of time from you and a lot of grind. J-RPG’s, especially dungeon crawls, really demand a bit of time and patience. If you are not the type to like having to grind for progress, then the Persona series will not be a title that will draw you in. That being said, another lovely aspect of the series is it’s awesome visuals and anime cinematic. I mean, you get J-RPG and anime all in one gorgeous package. What more could one ask for? It fits both addictive bills and does so with little effort. My big point of interest for this series is the gosh darn addictive soundtracks to each game. Holy cow, does ATLUS get the music part just right. It is memorable, it is engrossing and it is invoking. The game and everything else plays off the soundtrack so very well that it is hard to not feel impressed by it all.

With Persona 5 aiming to be just as an impacting entry into the series, are you all personally excited for the latest entry into the Persona name? Do you have some worries based on what has been released publicly of the game or are you sitting with eager anticipation? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! If you have yet to see any form of media for Persona 5, then feel free to enjoy the provided video below! Also if you are new to the Persona series in general feel free to look at your previous article, Let’s Talk Gaming: -Persona 4 Golden-, in order to become ever so slightly familiar with the formula that is, Persona.

Official Persona 5 Site: http://atlus.com/persona5/home.html

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gaming: -Persona 5-

  1. One of my most anticipated games (I love Persona 3 and 4.) Who knows if I will play it in 2016 though, as Atlus likes to keep Europe waiting.

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    1. That they do. :/ the European release times for a lot of games is pretty horrendous.

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