It has been too long since I last did a website feature. No I did not forget, just… put it in the back of my mind. Now for our second website feature I want to talk a little bit about a website that I started following when I first got on-board with WordPress. That website being, Fujinsei. Fujinsei is a gorgeous website with an awesome layout and the content is top notch. Much like with our first feature, Fujinsei is a site that is always a go to site for my reader section. I love what they do with the website and the articles are always fun and amazing to read! The article content is so varied, you honestly get a nice selection. They talk about and discuss anime in a typical fashion but, they also are concerned with covering and giving some blogging tips and tricks.

Here is a little blurb from their about me section!

Fujinsei is an entertainment blog featuring the fantastic world of anime, manga, and many other aspects of Japanese culture and media.  The word fujinsei is a melding of the words fujin (婦人 / lady) and jinsei (人生 / life).  If you are a male, fret not, because Fujinsei is not exclusively for the ladies, despite of what the title suggests.  It is for all amateur, self-proclaimed, and certified otaku in the world.

These tips and tricks can range from how you can get a bigger audience, why some users may be avoiding your website or why Fujinsei may not be reading what you are posting. At least they are honest. It is great help like this that gives me a driving passion to keep on improving and developing my website into something that can be just as awesome as Fujinsei is, although I could never dream of beating senpai! While I have not actually chatted with the always amazing Arria Cross, her website has been such a massive influence on OGZ that I want to at least say thank you! Thank you for being a source of inspiration for greater, self improvement! I want to continue on with how much Fujinsei has helped me, I want to at least save some love for all of you to experience!

They do not shy away from community interaction and they are always looking for partners to collaborate with! I mean, they are a big voice in the WordPress and general anime community, at least in our own opinion. If you are looking for a website to fall in love with, to enjoy awesome content and to maybe even inspire you to write, you cannot do better than Fujinsei! I would like to also take this time to address why I feature websites. I am in no way paid or asked by these websites and or blogs to feature them. I will never feature a website that wants to shovel money into my face. While I would be extremely flattered, I want to provide my viewers and or perspective ones a way to discover some awesome websites here on the web and for those of us in the WordPress community to discover. That being said, yes they are bigger sites. I will be featuring smaller ones but I want to also feature the ones that have provided me some influence and inspiration. If you like what we are doing here then feel free to visit these websites that we feature and follow them! They would greatly appreciate any and all support!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I’m so flattered. How nice of you to feature my little blog Fujinsei. This post literally made my day. A huge THANK YOU!!! I’m glad that you like my blog and the content I write. But your description of my blog is too beautiful that I almost can’t believe you’re talking about Fujinsei. I had to double-check if you’re really talking about my site. XD
    Anyway, thanks a bunch! You’re now my favourite person of the week. Keep on watching anime and blogging about it. Cheers!

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