Omakase: -Slime Girls Don’t Forget EP-

don't forget
Don’t Forget By Slime Girls album cover art.

This will be a rather short and sweet article but it is indeed another Omakase update! So, just today, Omakase Subscribers were given a digital copy of the Omakase exclusive EP by Slime Girls, Don’t Forget. This album brings electronic beat and rhythm to your ears in a away that sounds a lot like a persona-esque soundtrack. It has the J-pop influence and the video game quality sound. This little EP of a gem is only available to those of us who are bundled with Omakase at the time being. Whether or not this will become publicly available will remain to be seen but this is something of an awesome grab!

Now I will be honest, I loathe electronic music. It just has always felt too gritty or just like a song box that started to go out. Slime Girls has a away with bringing this feeling away for me. Granted I can still hear it at parts but this is a solid and very peppy album! Honestly, this is making me crave a JRPG right about now. The songs that are feature in this album are five in total and each one, while similar in sound, are drastically different thematically speaking. Again, I cannot stress how anime and video game sounding these tracks are. It is like going back to my childhood and playing all of those 8-16 bit top down rpgs from way back when. Such nostalgia. Lunchbox is a personal favorite of mine and it was played many a time on the drive back home from work. Overall, I have been super pleased with the content and while I have yet to listen to the over three songs, the first two have me hooked by the lip. I do look forward to getting into the rest of this album and just having a blast with it.

If you want to be able to grab some awesome albums and other exclusives, then you need to visit our subscribe to Omakase page and be sure to sign up for the service! Now if you need more information about Slime Girls, then please feel free to follow this link to get to the official Omakase Page, describing the album. By subscribe to their service you will be able to get these awesome grabs and the always amazing Omakase box itself! Reminder, you have until January 23rd to subscribe to the service to net you that sweet Naruto Shippuden box!

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