Discussion Point: -Anime Gave Me My Voice-


So, after finishing up an Omakase Livestream, the guest they had on talked a little bit about why he got into covering and reviewing anime and really the answer that he gave was an answer that we are all very familiar with. Why we got into covering anime and how it has impacted us. He even talked about the fact that he could care less that he had a crappy camera. So long as he could talk and goof out over anime with everyone else, he was more than happy to talk about it. It got me thinking. What I have been doing, while small in comparison, has been all the more enjoyable as of late. Anime has always been a passion and it has always been this tall looming figure that I felt I could never get to be a part of. Going to anime club and hearing these club members talk about getting to go to conventions and how fun it was, always made me feel a bit envious. Now, turn a page to 2015 and 2016, here I am sitting in a position that I thought I would never be able to have been in.

I got to be apart of an awesome launch of a new program, while many other bloggers, websites and YouTubers got to be a bigger part, I still felt involved and important either way. It is an awesome feeling. I do not care if it was me in the lime-light or not, just being able to tweet about products, have a company notice you (Senpai) and then add you on as an ambassador. It just blows my mind. This website is small and young, hardly much grounds for an ambassador program in my mind or for me to be able to fraternize with larger voices but, I still got a chance to be apart of a growing community and the larger one that is anime overall. It is such a nice and pleasant feeling that I cannot help but get excited for the future. It was because of my love and passion for anime that I now have a small foot print in the community. Minute and terribly microscopic but still there. I made and took a risk in writing. Would I still be writing now, even if I hadn’t had gotten an ambassador program or introduced to some awesome users on Twitter? Yes, I would. Even if this was a dead end for me and would do nothing in return for the work I put in to help promote anime, I would still write about it. It is because I have a voice in what I write, say or do that, I feel like I can still write. Your position shouldn’t be everything. Heck, some users never get to see the light of day and others just get to be in the lime-light quicker and more effectively than anyone else.

While we all want to be in the lime-light, I can say for one that I don’t really care if I am not. Do I want my website to grow and become a popular destination? Yes! I want to have a website running that can be the talk of the crowd and I would love to be able to have that recognition when going to conventions. Do I want to let it all go to my head? No. I want to still be me. I still want to just watch anime, laugh and talk about it with my friends and feel like just that normal otaku, doing their part to help further the goal or agenda, if you will, of anime. It gave me a voice I knew I never had and it gives me a lot of great moments and has allowed me to look at anime more objectively. I like seeing the companies I remotely knew as a kid grow and develop into these awesomely massive companies that I know about today.

Being able to be an ambassador for a program you love is more than awesome!

So going back the what the YouTuber said in terms of doing what you love, regardless of what equipment you have, is an AWESOME mind set to have. Just because you may not have the greatest camera or the clearest microphone or even the best typing skills (I.E. yours truly), you shouldn’t let this put you down. Talk about what you love and continue to do so. If you get the trolls or the hate, don’t pay them any mind. They haven’t tried what you are doing and believe me, it takes a TON, TON of inspiration and courage to get out there publicly, globally for that matter too, and talk about something like anime. Now, in practice this is different, especially if you have a ton of users just harassing you and causing you actual grief. It can be hard and you can be bullied. That shouldn’t stop you though. If you can find the strength to use that voice of yours, you will attract others. You will attract the attention of those who are bigger than you and they will help you out! They may not do much but they may encourage you, rather than berating you.

Anime gave me the voice and passion to write about what I love and it is because of this newly found voice that I have had a door opened up to new and exciting situations. I can only hope and hope that with each passing day that something more grand may happen. While I am more than fully prepared for something to back-fire, I want to say that as long as I am able to write about what I love and so long as that passion can continue to give me a voice, I want to be able to give that voice some much deserved passion and gratitude. At the end of the day it is anime that I go to and it is anime that I start my day with. Now I may be sounding like a broken record but, give what you love a shot. If you want to be the next big or popular gaming channel, go for it. If you want to be the next Anime News Network, go for it! The only thing stopping you is yourself; granted money and access to material does have a hand in this. Just let what ever you love, give you a voice that you can use to spread your love and appreciation for that topic.

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