Omakase Otakon Deal!


Just a smaller post but still a pretty darn awesome update for Omakase! For those of you who may need a little bit of information on Omakse, check out our, Subscribe To Omakase page on our website for the details! We will also update that page with the most current offers and like-wise details. So on to the beef! This month, Omakase has teamed up with Otakon to offer one heck of a deal for those of you looking to venture to Otakon this year and for those of you looking to get your hands on the oh so awesome Omakase box. By signing up for the Omakase box from now until January 23rd, you will automatically gain a submission form for a free badge to Otakon 2016! This is the earliest you can actually register for the convention! The regular registration times aren’t even up yet so, this deal is too good to pass up, especially if you frequent this convention. It is a win win really. Slightly envious I don’t live close enough to go!

Now, you have to make sure you fill out the provided email that comes with your Omakase subscription, after which you will receive an email from the folks at Otakon for confirmation. You must redeem your registration BY February 2nd, 2016. Other wise you are going to miss out. Now, even if you are not looking to go to Otakon, you still should subscribe to Omakase. This month’s box is a Naruto Shippuden theme and will be packed with some amazing goodies made just for Omakase! You also get some freebies, in the form of digital comics, music and other items of interest. You also happen to get ad-free HD streaming, so whats not to love?! Just follow the link below for more information from Otakon’s official site, as well as information on Omakse!

Otakon’s Official Site:



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