First Impression: -Dagashi Kashi-


I have not done a first impression review for a LONG while now and I felt that if something was to change for me in 2016, it would be to become more proactive about covering new anime, with the still fresh first episode laying in wait. So to start this new year off, let’s talk about a particularly funny anime, Dagashi Kashi. This cheeky, beautiful and down right odd anime is crafted lovingly and streamed to us via Funimation. The story follows a boy, Kokonotsu Shikada, an aspiring manga artist living at home, having to come to the realization that he must take the reigns as the ninth owner of the family ran, dagashi kashi shop.

The anime has a wit about it that fits into most Shounen anime that this one seeks to set itself firmly in. I see a love triangle or complex love rubix cube forming during the run of this anime. I absolutely love the cast of voice actors and actresses that they got to do a bit of work on this anime. There are a few familiar voices in the cast and I think this will be what sucks me into it. Besides the fantastic voice work, the anime starts off running. the humor was fantastic and spot on. I especially love how much of a silly willy, Hotaru Shidare is. Like, she gets stuck in a rice field and then asks a passerby if they are okay and unharmed. Like what? Even her snack obsessed antics are great. I love seeing this sort of character just waltz into a situation as a total foodie first and normal human second. A bit odd how she manages to look just like a character that Kokonotsu is drawing.


As far as style and art design go, this anime has some awesome character art and backgrounds. While the eyes on all the characters give the impression that they are a bit cross eyed, it doesn’t seem to bother me much at all. The characters move fluidly and strike you in a way that a few anime characters can do. They do it with natural ease and with their witty dialogue that seems to just hit all the right notes. While I have yet to see how the rest of this anime will turn out, I can say for sure that this anime is going to be a keeper. It looks like we may only be getting about a 12 episode run, which should still be more than enough for anyone out there looking to pick up a a nice anime that can be completed with some relative ease. As of this posting, the first episode is viewable on Funimation. I do not know if it will hop boat over to Hulu at some point but, the one reliable place to watch this is Funimation! If you have seen the first episode, did you find it fun and sweet? Or did you expect more from this first episode?


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