First Impression: -Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)-


Continuing with our first impression rant we have quite the anime. Like the first episode was so damn good that I actually watched it twice. Notice, I will be covering the first episode and it will have some spoilers for those of you who may have yet to watch the first episode. Some of the first impression videos are freaking priceless. I mean, I had the same darn reaction to this anime like many others did. Boku Dake ga inai Machi or ERASED, is an anime that totally had me feeling like it was turning out to be one type of anime and then it turned into a storm of, well that escalate rather quickly. From a murdered mother, to a revival in which time reverses, this anime has just about everything.

A revival event is always followed by a blue butterfly.

I went into this anime expecting it to be… different. Rather, we get an anime that tells the story of a man, just trying to make ends meet, with a special gift he calls, revival. This gift allows him to go back a few minutes at a time to find the wrong piece and to prevent a death or incident. This in turn was caused by a truamatic childhood incident in which, Satoru Fujinuma was almost kidnapped. These deeply buried memories are spurred back by his mother after Satoru wakes from his latest saving of a child from death due to a revival. To keep things simple and not make this a recap, the mother finds out that her son has some guilt left from a childhood friend being kidnapped and never found and then finds out that the real person is still on the loose. Upon finding this it turns out to be all but too late as she is murdered and Satoru comes back, only to be framed and he attempts to run but then his vision dizzies and fades out. He awakens only to find that his latest revival has sent him back to when he was a kid just before the events of the kidnappings happen. Holy crap. This anime sure knows how escalate things in a quick but effective as heck manner!

The story of this anime is going to be a gritty one. Judging from how they depicted Satoru’s mothers murder, I can safely say that this anime isn’t going to be tip-toeing around sensitive issues or topics of kidnaps and what happens to these victims and the lives of the people that are affected by it all. While this is all an educated guess from just seeing the first episode, I can safely say that this anime has quite a bit in store for us all. I can only hope that the anime can keep the pace it has. Not to slow but not to fast. It sets a pace that is so enjoyable to follow and watch at, that I couldn’t see this anime in any other way. The voice work and music is gorgeous in all ways. The music sets the vibe and mood all too well and the tense moments are highlighted in just the right way and right feeling that you feel all but swept up in the moment that has unfolded. The voice work is on par, with Satoru’s actor providing that shocked and yet suffering backing to an individual who has suffered from a share of injury and traumatic experiences.


The art is also another standout champ. The characters all look awesome and great! Satoru’s mother has some odd puffy lips but it is such a unique style of art in a character that it doesn’t bother me at all, rather it is a nice character design, all of the characters that you are introduced to are unique and individuals in their own respect. The backgrounds of the anime are all but breath taking and it is really show-casing just how far art has come in the long journey that it has had with anime. Now with just a first episode, this anime has a lot of ground to cover and right now, our best estimates put this anime in a 12 episode run since there is not much in the way of source material to work off. While the manga has 6 issues, this anime will chug through them pretty quickly and I just hope that it takes it’s time with how long it takes to get to the point of them anime.

Now, the improtant part! Have you seen Boku Dake ga inai Machi? Or are you on the fence about it? If so, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you give this anime a shot. I am not too into the gritty anime but, this is an anime that I can get behind with it’s art, compelling characters and story. This anime can be enjoyed via Crunchyroll and I do hope that you all can give it some love!


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