Let’s Talk Gaming: -The Top 2016 Releases To Watch!-

With a new year comes new expectations for gaming. Some of these expectations of for returns of popular series, others are for the ever advancing goals in hardware development. With a new year just getting started, we look to turn our gazes towards what to look forward to this year. While most of our titles may be only geared towards the PS4, we will try our best to fit in titles that are on both, Xbox-One and PS4. That way, everyone feels happy and special. To kick things off with high hopes is the one title that is for sure on PS4 and Xbox-One.


Final Fantasy XV: This title has had one hell of a development cycle. Originally a planned spin off to the 13 name-sake, only to plunge into the development cycle that would make it a brand new entry into the long beloved franchise that is Final Fantasy. Sort of bro’s taking a long drive and part kicking butt and taking names. While I have little to no information on the game, due to not having the day one of type-o, the game is taking some steps to drift away from the typical J-RPG tropes and adds in some nice western based inspirations but still keeping to what Square Enix knows best. The current release date is set for sometime this year and it will be a world wide release. No waiting for it to be ported from Japan to the rest of the world. I want it now please.


No Man’s Sky: This will be a PS4/PC launch and we are finally, finally getting this awesome title. Originally announced very early with the PS4 launch, No Man’s Sky attempts to be the very best space exploration based MMO that it can be. You want to be a pirate, go ahead. Want to just explore and conduct research? Go ahead. While most gameplay elements are yet to be announced or revealed, No Man’s Sky want to be the biggest, procedural generated everything out there. It has one honking huge galaxy and the star systems are populated with planets and moons of various types. It will release in June 2016.


Horizon: Zero Dawn: Lastly, we have a PS4 exclusive from Guerrilla Studios, makers of the Killzone series. This game is an open world game that looks like it has survival elements but it has action. Essentially the Earth got screwed over, all the massive civilizations are gone and what remains of humanity has reverted to tribal days. They have to hunt and gather for a living and with an edible source of robotic wild-life to hunt why not? It looks like the robots decided to replace all wild-life instead of subjugating all humanity as slaves. But who am I to judge, this game looks to launch sometime this year.

While there are plenty more out there to look forward to, these are just a sliver of the few titles that I am personally looking forward to getting my hands on and to also put a lot of hours into. I know I missed some titles so, what ones are you all looking forward to playing or purchasing? Feel free to give us some gaming based love down below! Now, I do apologize, I was supposed to post an anime review this weekend but I got distracted with weather and family duties. I hope to get the review out soon but it really depends on what all is going on. I have been playing Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a lot. Like to the point where it is getting in the way with my anime watching schedule. If you play either, feel free to let us know! Would enjoy a gaming time! Any way, this has been Kausus and thank you so much for reading!


16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Gaming: -The Top 2016 Releases To Watch!-

  1. I’m saving Episode Duscae until FFXV gets closer. Geez, I remember buying a PS3 for this game. At least there will be dual audio. Tatsun & Mamo! ❤

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  2. Final Fantasy XV looks like a promising game. I never actually played any FF game except for the spinoff games of FFVII. Based on the gameplay, it looks like it Kingdom Hearts.

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    1. That’s what quite a few others have been saying. I’ve never played KH but I have played most of the FF games.

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      1. Interesting. I also noticed that the gameplay looks like will be used in upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake game.

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      2. I am looking forward to what Square Enix has in store for us. I might have to join the Final Fantasy bandwagon haha.

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      3. There is plenty of room my boy! We can ride into the shining light!

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      4. Oh yeah! I am looking forward to this game. First this, FF 15 and then there is Kingdom Hearts 2.8. I am excited for this year.

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      5. It will indeed be a grand JRPG year for gaming, that is for sure.

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      6. I totally agree. Still, I will probably be considered a noob in these Final Fantasy games compared to the fans who played the classic FF 1 through 14 and Type-0.

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      7. Meh, we all have a starting point to go with, so no worries man.

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      8. Thanks. I will say that FFXV looks impressive on combat and graphics. I like how you also have your friends backing you up.


  3. I was looking forward to No Man’s Sky until I learned that it’s going to be $80. I won’t support a game that expensive.

    I’ve played just about every FF game and since I’m not a fan of the series I’m going to wait for the inevitable PC port of the game. I’ll be able to get it for around $20 by then and that’s the most I can see myself paying for any FF game.

    My top 5 games that I’m looking forward to are:

    1.Mass Effect Andromeda
    2. The Legend of Zelda
    3. Dark Souls 3
    4. Xcom 2
    5. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

    This is a nice blog. I’ll be sure to visit more often.

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    1. Very true! I totally forgot about Shin Megami Tensei. Dear goodness and Mass Effect! I may have to do a second one or an article edit. Thank you for the feed back and such! 😀

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      1. No problem :].

        I wrote a article similar to this one and put 10 games on it. Some times we forget what games we’re really looking forward to until someone mentions it :].

        The reason why I’m interested in Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem is because I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan. I plan on introducing myself to Shin Megami Tensei before it releases though :].

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      2. Shin Megami Tensei is a fantastic series. Especially the IV entry into the series! Though, I really enjoy the Persona 4 Golden Entry.


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