Anime Review: -Nourin-


When I find a slice of life that I love, I cannot contain my fondness for it. It is so full of life, joy, panties and farming. No-Rin is a drop dead, gorgeous anime with amazing art that is as crisp as its drawn vegetables are fresh. No-Rin follows the short story of several students who attend a high school built on the foundations of improving their agricultural knowledge. The anime focuses on a few characters of note who actually have impact on the plot. Those characters being… Ringo Kinoshita, Kousaku Hata, Minori Nakazawa & Kei Kamatori. Each character is brought to life with their own interests and personalities. While the two girls, Ringo (Being a now retired idol who was called Yuka. Also happens to be the person Kousaku was in love with) & Minori having affection duels for Kousaku, every person has something to help offer their agriculture class in the betterment of the co-op farming school. The main bulk of the story however follows Kousaku as he tries his best to befriend, Ringo, and help her to find the smile and passion that she had lost during her singing career. While this anime is a far cry from the superb light novel and manga, evident by how condensed this anime was and how lack-luster the ending was, the anime still is something of a tender, funny as hell anime that keeps on chugging with all it can give us.

Sometimes, we have to hold back on our teacher during the home-cooking channel show.

The humor and references are the star of this anime with many pop culture references, anime, games, all of which are being accounted for within this super amazing anime that just keeps getting better with each passing episode. While there is a fair bit of fan-service, it is just enough to keep it from looking like Shimoneta or maybe Triage X, there are still the moments. Take for example the rousing speech concerning the nature of panties and why they are valuable. The anime knows its audience and it plays the humor out for it super well. The farming, sticks feel gave me an impression that this was the super mature version of Non Non Biyori. While definitely not a comparative, it did give that sort of vibe. It also gives me a strong vibe that I often get from slice of life anime that I love. That vibe is enjoyably. I love when I can just look to an anime and fall in love with it, the characters and the story. Now as I stated above, the story is about Kousaku trying to help Ringo but yet he is also trying to balance life, school and love. While this would make for an awesome Chunibyo-esque love story, it doesn’t. The anime really falls short of that lovey-dovey vibe as it just rushes into the end goal with no other intentions. It leaves the rest of the what if(s) to you to decide. If you have read the light-novel’s and or manga then you know what is already going to happen in the later issues. I will not spoil those but the anime just abruptly ends with no one getting anywhere. While some differences are ended and some doors closed or opened, the anime just ends and it is the most dissatisfying ending I have felt to date.


This however doesn’t change my overall impressions of this anime. The Art style is simply breath taking and it is hard to not look at the stills or pictures and just think, wow. Even the opening has a fantastic visual of the sun exposing the local community and it almost looks like a freaking photograph on 1080p. I mean, it does not get any better than that! It just blows my mind with what is going on in there. Who ever is doing the key animations and background for that anime, job well done. Color this otaku impressed. The characters, especially a few females of note are very well drawn. Boobs are their own class of character in this anime, only just however. That being said, the characters are lively, they are fleshed out and Minori is one of the more curvy characters I have seen to date who looks like a normal human-being. I mean she’s got some heft! Which is not a bad thing at all. I love Kei’s personality as he fits with the Shinpachi and Switch character type. So, so good.

The voice acting is another high note, with many famous voice actors coming into play, such as the ever amazing, Noboyuki Hiyama (Viral & Uzu Sanageyama), bring so much more life and depth to the minor characters of this anime that they just truly shine. The main characters are also excellently voiced and the personalities that burst from these actors/actresses are just phenomenal. If you can lose your self to a characters personality then I’d say that the voice work is just that much better in an anime and No-Rin, does not shy away from this department. Even the resident 40 year old homeroom teacher is a blast and her voice actress did some phenomenal work on bringing her disturbingly cute and funny character to life!

She’s 40, just work with it. So cute.

Now the music is a note of lesser nature, like most of the anime that I have reviewed so far, the music is there and it is a bit more impacting however, for me it was never a highlight. The opening is great and so is the ending but the art is just what sold the anime for me; It’s so bright and vivid that it almost looks too real to be drawn. That is something that any studio loves to hear, is that their art is phenomenal and striking. If you can make an anime look good, you have enough to bake a whole cake. Bear in mind, this does not mean you can win on looks alone. If it were not for a stellar cast and excellent humor, this anime would not be going anywhere. It would be just a pretty face with lacking personality. Pure and simple.

If you are wanting to watch an anime that is both charming and a humorous, you can not do better than No-Rin. It is excellent in all regards however, it is crammed into a small 12 episode window which just does not to justice to its name what-so-ever. If it maybe had  24-25 episode run then maybe, just maybe, we would have had a little bit better love triangle to work with and a better story to accompany it. If you are not phased by the lack-luster ending however, then feel free to hop on over to Funimation and get watching this awesome anime!

If you have already taken part in the viewing pleasure of, No-Rin, what where your thoughts on it? We would love to hear them and chat more with you all in our comment section down below! This has been Kausus and I really do hope you all have been enjoying the amount of reviews we have been sending out. I have had some time and been feeling like actually watching anime to get them out to you all in a reviewed and timely manner. As always, thanks for reading!



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