Anime Review: -Shimoneta-

WARNING! The pure of heart my stop reading beyond this point! Some of the images may be a bit startling and my destroy that precious innocence or purity! You have been warned.


For those of you sticking around, awesome! Now we can finally compare our bananas on even footing! Fret not, our world has not come under the constraining laws that bar us from openly saying poop or lap dance. But in a world where dirty jokes and profanity do not exist, what would it truly be like? Well, Shimoneta answers that question for us! Where living in a world without dirty jokes has resulted in the population lacking in basic knowledge and notions of love, reproduction and concepts. Where a pure girl may see a woman drooling over a certain family of mushroom, another may see something more… wild. The anime has us follow the deeds and efforts of at least two founding members of SOX, Tanukichi Okuma and Ayame Kajou, as they attempt to destroy the purity bastion of their own school and to show society that there is nothing wrong in enjoying a bit of dirty humor. While the story is there, the anime simply focuses on the dirty concepts quite heavily. It is still within a family line of fan-service, it still has a ton of funny moments and a few that might make you stand up and say, “THEY GOT AWAY WITH THAT ON PUBLIC TELEVISION?!” I am not a huge fan of anime that caters heavily to fan-service but this anime was too hilarious to pass up, while indeed questionable at some points, the anime simply tries to coax its message along.

The villain is something else…

What shines with this anime making over use of smut and the forced laws that add extreme censorship, is the fact that this is what we are arguing about now with anime. Hell, this show makes fun of everything censorship wise. The whole plot and point to this anime is to bring to the forefront a fight that is brewing. An example would be YouTube, who has been recently taking down videos of games and some anime because there was a girl in a bikini or it was tricked into thinking the item in question was pornographic in nature. So much content has been blocked that isn’t even pornographic in nature but rather, it was blocked because they thought it simply was naughty. Shimoneta tries hard to show us that our world could become a shriveled cucumber of disappointing standards if we let this type of thought continue onward. Granted this discussion is of highly debatable standards and as such it is quite difficult to discuss it while reviewing an anime… However, through SOX’s acts within the anime they showcase just how hard of a raging crackdown that the local officials have for making sure their pure society stays innocently white and untainted. Shimoneta shows that in doing so, you constrain the issue until radical sexualism develops into a problem that will force you into a tight corner. You know you are in trouble if cops start becoming afraid of seeing panties or even scream when hearing the word pee-pee.

Ayame Kajou at her best.

In any event, the anime tackles a rather tough cookie with it’s approach and it does so with a heap of spot on humor and art style. Now, let’s just say that the characters a very detailed…. very. Granted no nudity will be posted but there are some scenes that tread a very thin line. Though, the characters a very well done and the backgrounds are even more spectacular. Every scene flows seamlessly into the next and it makes for a very well rounded anime. While the anime has a 12 episode run, the main story line really ends on the 11th episode. That being said is it left feeling incomplete? Hardly, I feel it was a bit rushed if anything else. Maybe they could how roped it out for a little bit longer, just to lessen the feeling of compressing the anime to fit within the timely guidelines provided. Granted the cause of this may be because they only had 10 light novels to work off of, with a manga currently in the works with 2 released titles. Granted this may very well lead into a second season, which I would love to see them expand with! It is an anime that is beautiful to look at, in more than one way for some…, and it is also hilarious beyond extent. Can you find a character that you can relate with, maybe. Depending on if you feel sex crazed or maybe someone who is so purely innocent that the concept of a dirty joke is lost on you. You might be able to take something away from what these characters are struggling to accomplish.


The music for the opening and ending are hilarious and are filled with images that make you just shake your head, all the while laughing. Or at least that was what we were doing. Some might look at this and immediately wash their eyes out with some slippery soap. Now the general music in the anime is solid enough to provide what it needs to provide towards the anime and it does nothing more nor nothing less for it. The voice work is superb and I feel every actor and actress nailed their performances perfectly. Kajou’s voice actress was personally my favorite, with her iconic, “Blue Snow” laugh being my favorite laugh from an anime character to date. As stated the anime is only 12 episodes long meaning, you can enjoy it at whatever pace you desire to watch it at. I finished it in about 2 days time and was pleased with the pace at which I watched it at. Granted I felt like I should have taken some time more with this anime to fully… embrace it.

In the end, should you watch this anime? Well, yes and no. Yes if you love spot on humor, an anime that makes fun of censorship extremes and the always debatable topic of extreme love. You should not watch this if you are a being of purity and innocent nature. This anime might just well destroy that image of you entirely. It is not an anime for everyone. It may seem to over the top for some, while it may seem relatively tame for other individuals. The anime definitely has a target audience in mind and it stands by that targeted audience.

I was able to watch this anime via Funimation and you may enjoy it yourself on their website! IF you haven’t noticed as of late, I switched yet again to Funimation. I wanted to get a different library of new titles to ogle over and try out. So far I am thoroughly enjoying it. If you enjoyed this anime too, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below or on our Twitter page! We are always open to hear what thoughts you all have on the subject! I also apologize for the odd references throughout. Was trying to keep up with the theme of a constrained snake trying to uncoil itself from the strong hands of a society scared by dirty jokes.


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2 thoughts on “Anime Review: -Shimoneta-

  1. Interesting review. I haven’t seen the episodes, but based on what I hear online, this anime reminds me of the book Fahrenheit 451 where the world is oppressed by a law but with dirty humor. Besides that, the anime looks funny.

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  2. Need I say again how much I disliked this series? Shouting ‘penis’ stopped being funny by the time I got 8 y/o.

    Liked by 1 person

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