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We all have that urge to feel loved,to feel beautiful, handsome or pretty. We often do not see that person deep underneath the fabric that is our own skin and self-worth. Tsukumi is but one character in this short, eleven episode tale of trying to find yourself worth and beauty. More importantly, Tsukumi wishes to become a princess fit to wear a dress made like a jellyfish. In the anime, we see Tsukumi slowly but surely crawling out of her small corner of seclusion. This is all due in part to her encounter with a stylish woman or should I actually say, stylish man. This man goes by the name of, Kuranosuke, and is absolutely dead set on showing Tsukumi just how wrong she can be, while also helping her to walk the difficult path that is love, life and learning to continue to move onward always.

When your uncle finds you more attractive as a girl. Brother is not impressed.

Princess Jellyfish is a uniquely fun and quirky little anime that is nondescript and a bit unconventional. It is adorable, funny and stern when it needs to be. Both of our main characters have some disconnection from their mothers, either through death or simply distance, while trying to find their footing in life and society. One shy’s away from wanting to be a politician and instead pursues his loved hobby of cross dressing and fashion. The other, wanting to be a Princess that can wear a jellyfish dress at her wedding; that is, if she can become a beautiful princess and not the polar opposite. The fact that we struggle with something a tough as personal acceptance or even just talking and engaging with others and how it is conveyed in the anime. Even talking about cross dressing in the anime is something that I have yet to see many anime discuss or even have back story to. I love seeing a character that is not afraid of being themselves but yet, they want to engage with girls as a guy would but they want to love fashion. You enter a sad grey area where if you can successfully look like a girl, you can often become mistaken for one. I hear the wise words of Admiral Ackbar echoing in my mind now… Still, there is something here for those you who do cross dress. an anime for one, that doesn’t make fun of it or persecute it.

They are issues that we all struggle with and I for one, can say I relate to some of them! I’ll leave you all to speculate! Muahah! The fact that the anime tackles some of these issues is, frankly, not even quite touched upon in some anime. While the issue is addressed, this anime takes it as its main focal point and just expands on it from there. The character that is Tsukumi is someone that a lot of young girls and women can relate with in terms of social issues or just overall relation. We all love having a character that we can relate to and it is nice seeing more and more female characters that the female demographic can grab onto and say, “Hey! I feel that way too!” Even if you aren’t a girl, the issue of seeing self-worth or beauty, is one issue that we can all personally relate to and connect with on one level or another.

Kuranosuke (left) & Tsukumi (right)

While the issues stated above are topics that the anime covers, it still is super pleasant and loads of fun. The moments that pop up in the anime are fun and silly and very much an enjoyable aspect of the anime. I loved how different this anime felt right off the bat, I mean it is not everyday you have a main character that also loves to cross dress. It is nice, refreshing and frankly it will reach a demographic of viewers out there that feel the same way. They do not try to make a statement nor do they try to berate those who cross dress, they simply just threw in a character that someone can relate with. I personally think that is pretty dope! Yes, I said, ‘dope’ burn me for it. I dare you. While it is only an eleven episode run, which for me is an unusually odd number to stop at, is still a watchable amount. Unless you have been me and you have been destroying ten to twelve episode run, in less than a day and a half. It still is a worth while run and they even have a live-action adaptation! So, if you liked the anime, maybe you can feed that fix? I watched the anime on Funimation, which also offers the anime in English dub as well! So if you like sub or dub, you got a solution to either event. Still, the tackling of real life struggles is something that can hit home for a majority of viewers and is all the more endearing and engaging.

How we may often see ourselves.

In terms of the animation quality and overall art style, it has a very nice style. It feels like an older anime but is only just a few years old. It holds up super well to the current styles today and it speaks volumes to how well it has held up. Every character blends well and still stands out to be unique, while still holding up to the stereotypes that the characters are trying to hold up to. The background and atmosphere to the art is just insanely amazing and it fills the atmosphere with a lot of colorful life. It’s just so awesome to see a small and nondescript anime having such beautiful backgrounds. I have seen some pretty beautiful anime but, Princess Jellyfish doesn’t really promote this. It is just awesome to watch a plain anime but then get drawn into the simple yet gorgeous art style of this anime. I think the characters really did stand out well enough in this anime to be a highlight and especially for those who love to cosplay or crossplay.

Music makes an appearance and is frankly quite tame, at least in our own opinion. While the opening is sweet and soft, it just doesn’t do much to help engage me in the anime. The in anime music, while it adds to moments and does give a heavy ounce of magical quality to more somber moments, it just doesn’t impact me as much. That being said, it is not terrible nor horrid. I still loved the music, it just is not the primary focus. The struggle of being less of an awkward turtle in society is the main over all focus of the anime and not the music. This is hardly bad at all. Now I will still link the opening down below, so you all can be a judge of whether or not you enjoy it or feel like it just doesn’t do much for you.

In full, the anime is a short but oh so enjoyable. I love the conveying of the struggle of trying to fit in with society while trying to find that inner worth or beauty. While this anime will not be for everyone, it still is an endearing and delightful anime that should scratch an itch for someone wanting a bit of romance and a bit of comedy. It doesn’t do anything over the top or drastic to grab you instead, it focuses on just being an anime that is delightful to watch and it will leave you a bit somber once you finish the oh to short run of the anime. Again, I caught this anime on Funimation and I will link you all down below! For most of Funimation’s content, you do need a subscription! Fret not! You can always try to take advantage of a free two-week trial that most streaming sites offer!

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