Website Discussion: -A Look Into OGZ for 2016-


Welcome to the new year everyone! I had an awesome night with Spirited Away and that with catching up with old Xbox Live friends that I met in the early days of the Xbox-360 launch. Today I want to talk a little it about what I have in store, or at the very least, planned for the 2016 year. Finances allowing, we plan on expanding our website further by looking into better software and awesome tech to help with video recording and podcasting. This year we are also looking to do our best to report on titles as they release. While we may not be 100% accurate or quick on the draw, I want to demonstrate what we mean.

So what is coming soon? Well, I have a very awesome, proof on concept photo to show you all! Credit goes to our amazing graphic artist that has helped to make our website logos and the likes. She does some amazing work and it’s all costed  nothing! While I do and will repay her for all she has done for Otaku Gamer Zone, she has given our 2016 year an awesome kick into overdrive! We plan on going to Naka-Kon 2016 and we plan on being easily identified. How will we accomplish this? Why with T-Shirts! We may have alterations to the final look and design but, this is what we have very much settled on! As far as I am concerned, this is one dope shirt. I hate T-Shirts but, they are great for getting a brand or company out there! So without further stalling, here is the image of our shirt!

Front (Left) Back (right)

While there may be some tiny alterations, this is the set design. I am super thrilled and amazed at the work she cooked up! If you are reading this article, thank you so so much! I’m in love with how awesome your work is and thank you for always being around to help give OGZ some modern flair! While I have yet to run this to a custom shirt company, I do plan on finding out soon what this kind of thing would cost. I have no plans to sell this publicly but, if anyone is remotely interested, let us know! I would be more than happy to send any interested parties a copy. This is something that I will be wearing on the floor of Naka-Kon 2016 so you can easily identify me!

As far as new content, I do want to look into changing how we talk about and look at games in general. I need to weigh whether or not it is a part I still wish to pursue with this website. If I do pursue it, do I merely focus on anime-esque games or do I cover with a normal basis? These are all topics I will be looking at and evaluating, especially when we get to our one-year anniversary this March! Also, I do want to look into more topics concerning music. I love music and my Let’s Talk Music seems to be a pretty well received section or maybe that’s just my impression. In either way, I do look forward to expanding upon ideas and topics in the near future. I am also hoping that this laptop can keep on chugging through all of this rough chop! It’s been an awesome hand-me-down but it’s age is starting to show.

Money is always the biggest issue in any deciding factor with life and as such it is something that will ultimately decide whether or not we do something. I wish I was never held back by this constraint but I have to work within the limits that it sets for me. Aside from life obligations and such also factoring in, I do wish to give OGZ my very best this year. I cannot promise content daily but I will do my very best to provide some form of input on this website on a near daily basis. So, I do hope you all look forward to the future content that we have planned! I again, thank all of you who have joined us in 2015 and will continue to join us as we grow to eventually reach that awesome peak that is internet fame. Aim high my friends. Nah, I really just appreciate everything that my followers have done for us and for all the awesome long comment conversations!

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6 thoughts on “Website Discussion: -A Look Into OGZ for 2016-

  1. Cool shirts! I wish the best for you in 2016 and I look forward to your future posts!

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    1. Thank you! I look forward t what you all push out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OO T-shirts that is awesome hehe 🙂 your plans sound amazing and first time I have commented on your thing in ages I must say lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you! It’s all fine ^¥^ I haven’t commented on your stuff in ages too.


  3. Nice shirts! And plans, plans, plans! Can’t wait to see it all unfold!


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