One Lovely Blog Award! -Nominated By Matthew903-

One Blog to Rule them all.

We did it! We got an award before the year ended! Queue the confetti, strike up the band and bring out the celebrations! I’d like to thank the always awesome, Matthew903, he is a grand fellow to chat with and he can skyrocket to the top commenters position with ease. If you are spiritual and or religious then give his blog a gander! If you are a heathen, like myself, still give his blog some love! He has a strong caring passion for his likes and again, makes for an awesome chat partner! Now, onto the picture of rules that we must abide or suffer the dire consequences. Last I heard it was death by kittens…


Now onto the juicy gossip details! seven to be exact! While they are just general, it should give you a better idea about the person behind this website! I hope you all enjoy the delicious details!

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with composed music. I just love epic sounding music. It can be so expressive and it fills tasks that would seem lax and mundane, suddenly become much more engaging and interesting. Here is a link to my current favorite piece of composed music.
  2. I have a massive case of the worry wart. It has spelt trouble for me more than once. It is not something that I enjoy…
  3. I find international songs to carry much more meaning and depth than that of the American music industry… it’s just so watered down in my opinion and I almost seldom listen to American music.
  4. I still want to secretly buy Lego’s and build myself a massive Lego Star Wars Army.
  5. I always make Fudge and goodies to give out on Valentines Day, My Birthday and Christmas.
  6. I grew up thinking I would do something with Paleontology. Little did I know I would be running an anime website instead.
  7. I was never into Anime or Japanese culture until my awesome 7th grade world history teacher, Mr. Burditt exposed me to this amazing culture.

So as far as nominees, I will only list a few of them but here are the ones that I would like to nominate! These are the few blogs that I believe may have not been hit by a nomination!

  1. FantageFangirls
  2. Lita!
  3. EightTemples

While it is only three, most of the rest that I follow are the ones that have already been hit! Please enjoy these blogs and their respective owners! Thank you for sharing the year that was 2015 with us! OGZ is all the more pleasant thanks to all of you!


17 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award! -Nominated By Matthew903-

  1. That’s pretty cool that your history teacher got you into anime. Sounds a lot more interesting than my middle school history classes were!

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  2. These are some awesome facts! I really enjoyed reading it. I can’t wait to see more from you. I love music whether it is rock, alternative or Jpop.

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      1. Any music that makes your blood pumped is really good. Anime music are so addicting lol.

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      2. That they are, especially ones that catch you and drag you into watching an anime.

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      3. Exactly! This is what I like about anime. They have songs that draw you back in :p

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      4. Sweet ^^. I will check it but I like how the op or ed songs have amazing animation.

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  3. Thankyou for the nomination I will respond to this over the weekend before I return to work 🙂

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    1. Take your time guuurrllllfriend!

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      1. OKay MAN !! *bro fist*

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  4. Introduced by your history teacher, eh? Facinating. Congrats on the lovely blog!


  5. I watched the link and it was really catchy.

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