Let’s Talk Music: -The Top Songs For My Headphones-

We have those songs that just give us those rocking goose bumps and the gorgeous base line. This version of the Let’s Talk Music will focus on a few songs that we recommend if you are looking to fill those headphones. This will consist of songs from games, anime and music in general. They will be sad, they will be down right inspirational. You may have heard of some, you may have not. Either way I am to bring you all something that you can give those new headphones of yours all a whirl. For those who may not have any nice headphones and are looking for some recommendations, I can give you a grand recommendation while we are on the subject!

I have personally used and stuck with the, Sol Republic on ear headphones. They are the best headphones I have had and for the price tag they won’t make you cringe. While I do no wear headphones all too often, these are my go to ones! The exact one I have is a special edition, Toki-Doki version, sadly the website link for them is gone but they are still on Amazon!

Now onto the first song! This is from Persona 4 Arena and was also in Persona 4 Dancing All Night! When I played this song holy poop did my ear holes love me for it. The beat is just right, the base is excellent and the song is phenomenal. Give this song a listen!

Up next, keeping with the game feeling is a Hatsune Mike Project Diva f-2nd song! This one is just so, exherliating and the beat is nice and creepy. It really does it’s best to fit the atmosphere of the song. I love Hatsune Miku and so do many of you! So why not have a good song to play or listen to with some awesome headphones

Next up is a song that just fills me with so much joy and hell, this song just sounds great playing on just about anything out there. I love the up beat and the just inspiring feel. I can feel as if nothing will ever go astray when I play this. My worries melt and I can just breathe with a concern in my life. Original debuting as the opening song for the smash hit anime, Comet Lucifer, The Seed and The Sower by fhana is a song you should have on your YouTube playlist! Here is their live music video. Please I really hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

Here is an anime song that I just have to have in a playlist. It does not matter what I am doing, if I need to feel the inspiration or if I ever feel like the path I walked has lead me astray, then I grab my pair of headphones and trusty scarf and begin trailblazing my own path. Don’t Lose You Way Chorus Version is phenomenally powerful and never fails to give me goose bumps. I got to put at least one thing Kill La Kill in here! Sorry, I am just magically compelled to do so willingly.

Taking up the last position and filling it with enough passion to make a grown man cry. Toradora was my favorite romantic anime of the year and it dominated my posts for a very long time. It has some of the most emotionally charged songs and melodies I have seen in an anime. The songs alone are enough to get one feeling teary eyed, or even just over joyed. The characters feed off the music so well that it is hard to watch this anime without it all.

So this will end our 2015 posting run for our normal posts! It has been a fantastic year and I look forward to writing further articles in the 2016 season. I hope you all enjoy this final Let’s Talk Music article of the year and I really hope that I can continue to deliver superb articles in the terms that are music coverage and more! These articles tend to be quite fun and full of vibrancy and life. I hope these articles will inspire you and give you some new music ideas to listen to when out and about with your pair of headphones!

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/SOL-REPUBLIC-1298-02-Tokidoki-Headphones/dp/B009S8PYQ0

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Music: -The Top Songs For My Headphones-

  1. Ah, Kill la Kill, nice choice!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘Lost my pieces’ has a very simple but evocative melody, and after so long I thought it would have been lost in the sea of emotional OSTs. Great pick, I am so glad to see it here! 😀
    And since I think I haven’t said this to you, happy new year and best wishes for 2016! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lost my pieces, made me lose mine .w. But best wishes for you too!

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