Anime Review: -HackaDoll The Animation-


Not too many short, bite sized anime can give me a last impression but Hackadoll the animation did. It was funny, over the top, somber and fun. This was all wrapped up with a pretty bow and placed at our door step every Friday but only for six or seven so minutes. It felt like it could have gone on for so much longer than it did but it left me feeling better about it, after my first initial impressions where said. While this will not be a very beefy review, I wanted to give this bite size anime some much needed love and attention, that very few bite sized anime do.

First off story, while no episode continues in tandem with the other, save for the last episode, you never feel as if you lost a sense of your placement within the actual run. The episodes where all self contained and I really did enjoy each and every one. With these smaller runs you have to pick and take with some episodes. Though the anime loosely follows hackadoll’s #1-#3 (sometimes their leader and #4 pop in) while they try to advance the users that download their app and request their services. While they have interesting results, they prove to still get the job done; even if it takes them totally wrecking everything first… The great thing about Hackadoll The Animation was that they all felt very, done. With other small running anime, you run into situations where you may not enjoy everything that this small anime tries to throw at you. Frankly, it is because of the fact that it is trying to throw so much at you. Hackadoll thankfully does little in this regard to just cram jokes out. The humor is great and all of the episodes have made me laugh at least a couple of times. The humor was just so good that I have more than a few favorite moments from the anime that I got to enjoy during its run.

The art style is something that will pop out at you. My main reason for wanting to watch this anime was for the simple fact that some of the folks at TRIGGER studio had a helping hand in giving this anime some life and I have to say their art style manages to seep through into the world and characters. I love how everything is radiant but not too realistic; since this is a bite sized, lets have fun type anime. The character models are great and give the feeling of a very funny, yet animated sticker. While this is an odd way of describing them, they feel like comical little stickers you can pick up and tack on a wall and let them go ham. The style is not flat however. It is bursting with flair and style that I feel is only matched by another short anime series. The opening is a grand example of how well the art can be and heck, the opening song is down right catchy so, what is not to love about this?!

Now, you can watch the entirety of Hackadoll The Animation from Crunchyroll! It is only 13 episodes long but the humor will keep you glued to each episode! They all run in the 6-7 minute mark so, if you plan on stretching this one out, do so very carefully or else you may just burn through the whole season in one sitting while not meaning to do so. I really like smaller anime but they do not give a lot of content to cover however, they are still a delight. With the year coming to a close tomorrow, this will also have been the lats anime review for 2015!! This is crazy! I cannot believe it has already come to this. Thank you all for joining us in our last review for the 2015 year and I hope to keep on bringing the new titles and more varied reviews in the coming year!


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