Let’s Talk: -Naka-Kon 2016 Tentative Schedule-

With anticipation approaching near boiling records for myself, I have begun to outline a game plan for my time this year with Naka-Kon 2016. While this out line is tentative and will widely depend on how good of a wifi connection my hotel will have, I do plan on doing a fair bit. I want to talk about what we plan on doing there as OGZ and what I want to see what will work and what won’t; least to say, I am quite excited.

The guest line up is going to be an awesome one with Nobuo Uematsu Highlighting the visit! I am so psyched for this convention to happen to have the chance to meet a music legend! With a new phone coming in late February to early March, I hope to have a much higher rate of video posts and pod casting abilities, nothing of which I had with my current device; granted the Lg G2 is a phenomenal phone, is just hasn’t cut to dough for me lately. Any way, let’s get on to our tentative schedule!

DAY 1: What we plan on doing for day one is simply to check in with our hotel and grab our weekend passes. We will be hitting the floor in our OGZ T-Shirts Friday and Saturday, as to be easily identifiable. Upon which we will be taking a ton of pictures and a bit of video to couple. I will be scouring for my day one purchases at the convention so that way I can get my shopping done with and devote more time to covering attending panels and other events. With the close to day one, we will try to implement a pod cast possibly to send out with a more direct discussion for out day one experiences and panels!

DAY 2: With day two, we will be hard on the panel crawl and that of what celebrity panels and events that we can go to during that period. It will mainly be just a panel day and event day. We will also do a periodic sweep of the vendor hall and then wrap up our day two activities with a hopeful live-stream. Day one would give me an impression of what the wifi is capable of.

DAY 3: We do one final sweep of the convention floor, more photos and pictures, more last minute purchases and we cover what we can. Although, we more than likely will be packing up and leaving the convention around the noon period of time.

So, while we have a long time to hammer out the details, Naka-Kon will be less than two months away! Insane how fast time flies! I really hope to cover this convention in full for our website and to experience things that I didn’t get to experience this past year! While my schedule will change, according to what I have to do up to that point. Things are always likely to change however my plans generally stay set… Granted we also hope to meet up some point with those of you who will be attending! We look forward to chatting and geeking out! We will also be taking pictures with those of you who we meet up with!


9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: -Naka-Kon 2016 Tentative Schedule-

    1. Thank you! Looks like I will have some New Years Eve work for myself!

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      1. You’re welcome and don’t feel rushed to finish it. You have all the time. Enjoy your New Years Eve!

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      2. Nuuu, I must get it our before new yearsssss

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      3. I can’t wait to see what you have in stores 😉

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      4. It took me a while for me to finish. I am trying to finish a TGIF post before Friday.

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  1. Maybe I’ll meet you there! That’d be cool 😀

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