Website Discussion! End Of year Edition!

Whew, so with a very ling time away from posting content, we are back from our extended, holiday hiatus! I do apologize for not being up and coming with all of this and keeping everything rather dark. I needed some family time and time to focus on my job. Currently today, I am stuck at home due to horrendous flooding of back roads in the state of Missouri. With the year coming to a close in just a few days, I got to say I am super proud and immensly happy for all that has happened for OGZ within it’s first year; note it has not been a full calendar year for us here! While our first year anniversary will pop up on March 15th, 2016, we still want to recap some of our favorite moments with our website in just the run it has had for this year!

First off, we started this website with little to no understanding with what to talk about or what to cover when it comes to anime. While we still have no clue what we are doing, I would like to think it has improved, by some caliber at the very least. While I am not at the coverage level that I would love to be at, there is still plenty of time and room for much more improvement. We did manage this year to get the immense honor of becoming an official Company Ambassador for Viewster’s Omakase program! It’s an awesome honor and it is something that will help us out immensely so I do recommend you either jump to our subscribe to Omakase page or click the link below! We get a little bit of love for every person that subscribes! You literally get to help Otaku Gamer Zone grow. What’s not to love about that! We got to interview a few bloggers and websites, we also featured one too! We will be doing more of this with time as I will be fairly busy with year end activities with family and friends!

Our recorded video’s may take a back seat for a month or more, I will be doing the Omakase Naruto Shippuden box unboxing but after that I will not have a ton of content. Why? Well, I will be upgrading phones! I plan on entering into the iPhone 6s+ family! Just in time for Naka-Kon too! Which means, 4K video recording for the convention! Or 1080p at 60FPS! So freaking excited for this new upgrade! It will also be our first iPhone… but that little bit aside, we are stoked to have made it through this first year. However, I am not as stoked as I would like to be. While I have managed a lot, there leaves a lot to be desired. Like Podcasts. I did have a run on Soundcloud but I immediate hit a pay-wall and had no other choice but to quit soundcloud. Talk about frustrating. For the mean time I will be looking to other sites for podcast hosting and uploading but it may be a while until I can get another piece of content out for the podcast! IT is also why we did not have anything up for the rest of our 12-days of podcasting run…

I do hope that this next, full calendar year, will be one that is positively memorable and a season of growth for our website in it’s scope and design! I wish to open our site up to a wider, global audience with much varied content. It would be awesome to have a plugin that could accurately translate our content into the native languages for our viewers. But that will take some time! As always, thank you all for supporting us in our first year and we hope to continue to bring content that you all enjoy and love to read!

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