Get on your happy feel good hat because we are going to venture into an amazing and very colorful anime world! Now, if you follow our twitter(link me) or our souncloud podcasts(link me), you will know I have dropped Crunchyroll for this time. GASP! I know, it’s blasphemous to say aloud, especially since I have used them for such a long time. I felt the time for change was abound and that I needed to seek out new and exciting lands! So, onto the anime.

I do not know how to describe this other than amazingly cute.

Tamako market is an insanely GORGEOUS anime. From the color pallet, to the characters themselves. Everyone just looks and feels vibrant. It is hard to not fall in love with this sort of design. Though, this is something that one would expect from, Kyoto Animation, the creators of some of the most popular slice of life based anime. Just everything works in this anime and I feel like 12 episodes is just highway robbery. I wanted more than just twelve amazing, bitter sweet episodes to enjoy. Granted I could have savored it for a longer length of time but… It called out to me and I just had to answer to it. Simple logic, duh! Now, this Let’s Talk will not contain much detail on the anime, why? I am in the process of penning up a review! Yes I know! We have been away from the website for so long.

The art style literally just screams color at you and I feel like it is a very inviting anime, I would love to live on this street! Like, let’s go and pack our bags and get a place rented! But in all seriousness, it is an art style that may put others off but I looovvee anime that can shove color in my face and use it very wisely.

I will say the opening is just… well, I will have to share it with you all so you can appreciate and enjoy this awesomeness. The story is quite nice and it sums up very nicely, while it is a tad predictable, I feel that adds to the charming quality very nicely. It makes me feel happy and it still sticks to a typical Kyoto Animation quality story and plot. So, I hope this little splurge on how awesome this anime is, is enough to prepare for a review! Now, it may be a little while until we can get this review up! I do apologize that we have been a bit behind on our scheduled posts, work has geared up for the holiday sales week in the Christmas rush. So, I will try to post when I can. If you want daily content, check out our new podcast on soundcloud!



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