OGZ Holiday Plans & Podcasts!

So for those of you that saw our post last night, we finally got into the podcast crowd! This has been something I have wanted to do as for some topics, I very much prefer to chat about it so I can fully formulate my thoughts. I want it to serve as another layer for our website and that of engaging with you all, our wonderful community. They will be running on a daily basis until December 24th as I decided to just leave the 12 days of anime and gaming to the podcasts so that way I can focus on more reviews! Clever right? Although I did state in our podcast that our website would be doing it’s own thing. Unfortunately I lied. Dear god did I lie. It was however a last minute decision to revoke what I had said as I felt it would be a bit of the same.

The podcasts will try to find a base time frame to go out on. I may have to balance live streams and podcasts on Wednesday evenings though, this all remains to be seen and is purely just speculation at the moment. I want to see this podcast continue to develop and improve more and more with each passing episode. As far as what our holiday plans are, we may slow down on a few posted articles as our work week is going to pick up until Christmas eve. So, there may be a lack of content that will be going out for our website however I do hope that it does not develop into a larger situation that what actually is needed. I appreciate the warm reception and feed back to our latest podcasts and such! It is really awesome to be so well received after just two podcasts!

As far as what else, that is pretty much it on my end, I do have at least one more anime that I can push out for review, however it may be the first one that I would recommend for an older audience…. As always, thank you for reading!


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