Otaku Gamer Zone Official Podcast!


It is time my followers! We have official put ourselves out on Soundcloud with our very first podcast! It is complete with incomplete thoughts and is not very good overall… huh… Am I advertising how crap it is or am I supposed to sell it… Oh right, sell it! Yeah! So, we talk about our 2015 pick for our top anime, as well as the top two games that we played this past year. We will be doing this on a steady basis, although there is no set line for upload times or when they will be up but I wanted to share this with you all and hope that you will support us!

I hope to have more discussions about anime and talks about gaming too! We also hope to have guests on board with us so that way we can have a chance to introduce you to other websites that love anime and gaming as much as we all do here!

I did make this available for downloading so you can listen to this when ever you want to! There is no copy written content in it so, yeah that is always awesome! Please Enjoy!

Official Otaku Gamer Zone Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/otaku-gamer-zone/ogz-pilot-podcast

Official OGZ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


2 thoughts on “Otaku Gamer Zone Official Podcast!

  1. invite me for a chat next time! lol

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    1. I’ll keep that in mind! I need to look into how to record multiple peeps!

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