Website Discussion: -Almost one full year of Otaku Gamer Zone-

With almost one year under our belt, it feels like it have been a strange string of events for me. I never thought I could get a website up and running in the short amount of time that I have had so far. This all started from an inspiration, a desire to write about ideas and concepts that interested me. While I have yet to fully immerse myself in doing an almost steady flow of reviews, I feel that this concept will come with time and will hopefully be a new chapter in our website as we can start reporting on current industry announcements and trends. There is so much I want to achieve but it all takes a bit of time to do so.


I never had a real goal that I wanted be at by the actual end of the year. I just wanted to have a website that functioned and was getting some good traffic. While we only have writers that can pitch in when they can, I would like to look into adding a permanent writer that can supplement some of our posts and what not, when I am not able to be here to push out new reviews. Gaming has been sluggish and very much on and off. I frankly spend most of my passive time playing anime in the background, rather than a video game. I do wish to expand this website to focus more evenly on gaming and such. I may just try to find someone who can cover just games, so that way I can still have content enough for everyone.

This all started with one little spark of joy and inspiration that I felt from completing my local convention. It was the first and most memorable convention that I was able to go to without having to hitch-hike with others or to be on a timed schedule. It was the joyous feeling of independence. So, it is placing a heavy emphasis on this next one to be even better than the last. I want to take this time to really say THANK YOU to everyone that has followed. We may not put out the best content or the most creative but, we appreciate you all never the less. While I am sure many of you may have moved on, it still is reassuring to see so many users following and taking sometime out of their days to read our content.

With our one year anniversary quickly approaching I have yet to actually think about what I actually want to do. I know I want to try to do something along the lines of another giveaway but I may also do a big live stream or something. We will find out more information once we get near that point! Thank you as always for reading!

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