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Alright, so as of late I have been quite busy with the wider world of anime and gaming. I have gotten to meet some amazing people and I have gotten to be apart of company launch products. So, starting today, I wanted to start directing you all to wonderful websites that I have found, followed or followed me. These websites can range from the gigantic to the humble. It may even feature a site that it ran by you! Now, I wanted to start us off with a website that I have stalked quite a bit and have enjoyed watching it grow. Several authors that are apart of this site, are also apart of the greater WordPress community. Who is our featured site? Well, if you didn’t catch the title, the website we will be featuring in our first article of this section is, UnimeTV.

UnimeTV is a beautiful website. From the code to the people that help run it. UnimeTV is an idea that was born out of a feeling that many of us can relate to. As they advertise in their banners and such, they are truly bringing together so many different anime fans that they will attempt to unite them all in the equal love for anime and its associated materials. I will share the quoted material from their official about me section from their founder, Javone, to give you an impression of what is behind this website… (The following will be sourced from UnimeTV’s official About Us section.)

Hello Everyone,

I currently live in Maryland and have been watching Anime since the age of 5. But after being introduced to MMORPG’s ( First being ‘Conquer Online’ ) at the age of 10 I quickly became a Anime & MMO junkie. I’ve watched hundreds of anime starting with my old time favorite ‘Dragonball’. Once i learned that Dragonball wasn’t a cartoon but an Anime. My young mind peaked in its curiosity and quickly learned of other anime such as the Gundam Series & Zoids.

Later on in life, MMORPG’s also became a big hobby of mine. Playing for hours on end grinding the best gear, talking to guild members and killing other players just for the fun of it. I’ve played hundreds of MMORPG’s testing their mechanics and overall balance. But usually being the anime lover i am pushed towards Anime styled MMORPGs more.

After my daughter was born on January 1st, 2014; I had an idea that later turned into a calling of sorts. I always wondered why anime & MMORPGs are sort of a social taboo. I didn’t want my daughter growing up to feeling as i did that being a teenager in middle school & high school. Like expressing your love for something the majority doesn’t fully accept is something bad or off limits. As i was never truly open about my passion for anime and MMORPGs to my friends and acquaintances until later in life.

So over the past few months I’ve wondered how i can make a difference in both communities. The idea i have come up with is something that never been done before and what i came up with is “Unime”. Currently Unime is under raps and not alot of information can be given out. But with the help of this site.. Unime’s first blog “UnimeTV’. I hope to draw in anime lovers from across the globe until Unimes official release!

I wanted to include the full description of the about section as I didn’t want to leave anything out that would detract from why we are featuring this site. It is dedication that drives this website. Both as an individual and that of the greater love they share with the anime community. Their website focuses on a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to, Reviews (Anime/Manga), Discussions, Games, Top 10’s and many more that I wish to save for you all to explore. This is a website where the quiet and the boisterous can merge together as one and relish in debate and acceptance of all things anime and games.

I would be a fool to say that I don’t have my reasons for writing about this website. This site has been a source of aspiration and inspiration. While OGZ will not mirror what UnimeTV offers, it has provided us with a hopeful look into what a website can be, what a community can be like. They are always evolving their website to provide the best in article material and content that they can give to the community as a thank you for all that their fans have done for them. If you are not a follower or fan yet, please give them some love and find a little spot to call your own over at UnimeTV. So use the links provided below to get familiar with this website and to hopefully find some new friends who enjoy the passion and culture that is, Anime. As always, thank you for reading.


UnimeTV Official Website:

UnimeTV Official Twitter:


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7 thoughts on “Website Feature: -UnimeTV-

  1. i thought this was only a twitter thing you were doing, i have no idea how i missed the link to here (i fail i know i know) OTL

    BUT WOW thanks so much for featuring us! 😀 And i totally knew you were a stalker, you just have that stalker vibe~ bzzt bzzt

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  2. Awww thanks for the special web feature! You are awesome!

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  3. Hey thanks for the web features all of us at Unime certainly appreciate it. 🙂

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  4. Awwww sharing is caring !!!!

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