Let’s Talk Gaming: -PS Vita Holiday List-

Let the jingle bells ring and the songs sing! We got Christmas just around the corner and for many potential parents, friends or family, it becomes a task to find the right gift. Maybe they have a particular interest that is slightly expensive or hard to shop for. Maybe they own a PS Vita, who’s physical library is definently hard to find (Aside from visiting a local game stop) and will leave you wondering what to do. Well, fret no more. We here at OGZ will do it’s best to help you with some PS Vita game recommendations.

  • Any Danganronpa Title


  • Freedom Wars


  • Persona 4 & Dancing All Night


  • Any Fighting Title (Dead or Alive, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Etc…)


  • Hatsune Miku Project Diva f & f-2nd


  • Borderlands 2


  • Bastion


While some of these titles can only be found digitally, it still is a nice list of some of the more popular titles, some of which just released this year and are proving to be quite popular. Bastion is just one example of a game that was just recently added. I originally played it on the PC but this port to the Vita, has got to be my favorite. Each of these games will range from 14.99USD – 49.99 USD, depending on the outlet you go with. IF you sign them up for PS+and you can nab Freedom Wars for free! Can’t beat that gift. Not to mention with PS+ they will get free games every month for their Vita! pays for itself really!

While a shorter let’s talk, I wanted to provide a few gaming titles that any gamer can get behind this holiday season, especially those of us rocking a sweet PS Vita. If you are like me however, the physical copies are elusive if you shop locally. You can still get them via Amazon but if you don’t like the online shopping scene then, give your local Game Stop a look! As Always, thank you for reading!

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