Naka-Kon 2016 Plans: -Three Months!!!-

With the three month mark coming around this Friday, I cannot contain my excitement for this upcoming convention. So much of me wants it to be as magical and as awesome, as the previous one I attended early this year. It will be a notch mark that I hope this convention can pass. I do want to attend more panels and attend more activities, such as game room games and the Sake taste testing. I also want to meet some fellow faces from WordPress there!

With still quite a bit of time left until the convention, I do want to start looking into an official t-shirt. I do also want to bring some with us so that way, I can possibly give some away for those of you who manage to make it to Naka-Kon this next year! It would be a delight and awesome happening! Someone had direct messaged us on Twitter and asked us if we were going to be doing a panel. While I would LOVE, LOVE the idea, I fear I am no big enough to entertain that idea. I would enjoy putting together a panel on say, writing about anime and gaming or a how to start up a website for a ton of perspective fans. It just isn’t something that is in the planning stage yet. Hopefully one year, we may be able to get moving with this sort of idea.

Currently the ticket pricing is up to $45USD. If you all wait too long, the pricing will jump up to $55USD. There is a ticket cap this year, although Naka-Kon’s official planning committee says to not worry about not getting a ticket, especially if you pre-register ahead of time. Hotels are something that may be an even more delicate situation so best book ahead of time! Otaku Gamer Zone will be at Naka-Kon all weekend long so, here is hoping that all goes as planned! We will be livestreaming from the convention too! So please stay tuned on what information will be released, as soon as we get more!



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