Discussion Point: -Chasing After The Invisible Boundary Lines-

Due to an episode with family health and life. I began looking to something to ease my mind, to make me laugh, smile or at least cry tears of joy. Thinking back to some of the anime that made me happiest, Angel Beats & Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, just being a few of the ones that I can think of. Especially Rikka Takanashi’s pursuit of the invisible boundary lines and those of the people in Angel beats Limbo having unfulfilled dreams and wishes. Anime can often give as much inspiration to look at your life differently, as it does a convincing story. It is why we cling to the stories presented in films, movies, games or anime. They each can speak massive amounts of volume to the individual(s) that are engaging with this medium. So, what does this all mean in the concept of why I am writing about this all in the first place?

Rikka Takanashi often associated the lights on the horizon as the, Invisible Boundary Lines.

Well, anime has always served as a gateway. A portal to a world where I can feel happy or escape the problems of my life or day. We all have these escapes and we all have times where we cling to a feverish memory of a loved person and in doing so, develop a different persona that covers up a pain or worry. Anime allows us to chase those invisible lines on the horizon, in hopes that we might be able to grasp at tomorrow. Anime can help us with the pains that we feel by making us feel like we can relate to these, two-dimensional images like no other medium can. It is why so many people have their views about anime being addicting or something that you can entirely lose yourself in. It is honestly one of the things I enjoy about anime. While it can be dangerous to ones well being, see the many anime fans who ‘live’ in these worlds on a daily basis. The ones that form the stereotypical image for an otaku. But that is also just that, the image we find ourselves lost in, is often the image we become ourselves. To make sense of what I just said above, think of changing who you are to be reflective of what you truly feel you are.

We humans often seek an escape from the feelings we have. Whether due to medical, school, family or work related items, we always try our best to seek out a venue that will help take our mind of things or to ease a burden. It’s often why we see so many of the same uplifting anime or the same sort of star crossed lovers feel to things. We all just want them to express their feeling onto us and to help make us happier in return. I touched upon this briefly in a previous discussion point but I wanted to elaborate more in this regard. We always want to find the small, precious amount of time that we couldn’t have our happiness or be with a person that really mattered and instead we look to new horizons to fulfill those wishes and wants. We push ourselves into this fanciful dimension of art, love and amazement, in order to experience new and exciting things. To feel emotions that we may hardly get to express. Anime may also push us to experience and try new things out. It may have helped you join a club or say try a new food item. media can be a very persuasive tool or device when used correctly. While it can also inflict bad influences, most of the ones I have experienced have at least been very positive to positive at the least. Anime has introduced me to new food, games, clothing and sites. Being frank, it has also helped me find my footing in society at times.

Anime like, Nisekoi, often give us the smiles we want to have or the deep heartfelt moments.

If you feel a bit shy about publicly saying you like to watch anime for the values it can give you, don’t. It is something that we all do with different genres. If you feel like inputting with this, please feel free to do so in the comments below. We love to hear your input and thoughts on the matter too. As always, we appreciate you reading our discussion points and commenting on them! They can sometimes be personal and thought provoking, which is why we do them in the first place. Thank you again for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Discussion Point: -Chasing After The Invisible Boundary Lines-

  1. Free! encouraged me to join a local swim team, which was scary because I had never done anything athletic in my life. Now I’m part of a loving team all thanks to Haru and the Iwatobi gang.

    Anime is so very influential, just like you mentioned. Maybe one of these days I’ll reach my metaphorical “boundary lines,” and be entranced by its wonders.

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    1. Glad to hear you joined! We all will find that special place one of these days. It just takes the time and effort to find it.

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  2. Beautiful, I relate to your post so much. Thank you for your words

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