Anime Box Review: -Omakase Launch Box-

If you haven’t seen our video or for whatever reasons you may have not been able to watch it, this written review is going to be for all of you! So, how do we review this? Well, like anything else, we take a look at what is in it and then talk about it for you all! So let’s get straight into this. For those that want to watch our unboxing, please use the embedded player below!

We are immensely happy to be part of Omakase’s Launch Box and the Omakase program in general. The first box out of the gates is the, Kill La Kill Box. This box features some of the best exclusives from any anime box to date and we will do our very best to share them with you in detail! So to get things rolling we will start with the exclusive one time print, Gold-Foil Hardcover Kill La Kill Volume 1.


This manga has been elusive for me personally and being able to have something as awesome as this is just all the more amazing. After struggling to find a regular copy for more than two months after release, this was a gem in the field of scattered manga. It is made magnificently and holds nicely in the hands. It makes me want to get a special shelf display, just for it.


Second exclusive is the highly sought after, Senketsu scarf (Life-Fibers not included mind you). It is made of a very sot material and keeps you very warm and safe from all of those pesky one-stars. It is the last exclusive item to the Kill La Kill Launch box and one that I am sure fans will want to have regardless of the boxed deal or not. Whether or not this will pop up again remains to be seen.


Next up on the list is the timed exclusive Mako Towel. It isn’t set to go on sale later next year and will be a timed exclusive to Omakase. The towel is like any other towel, except for the fact it is rocking miss Mako! I think they captured the best image of her in this one. It will keep you dry and your beach days cozy!


Last up is the Mitsu Boshi Wristband and Guts Button. This wristband will let others know that you don’t just go to any ordinary school, or gym for that matter. The band is cozy and tight enough to not go anywhere on you throughout your day. I wore mine through a night of work and it all went A-Okay. The Guts Button is just simply an adorable button with arguably one of the bets supporting characters in Kill La Kill. Well, maybe not but, the Guts Button is a fantastic button to add to your collection of anime pins and buttons.

The quality of items now, is well worth the $29+shipping. The box itself is nice and very collectible, if you are an odd box keeper like I am. I really do enjoy that this service is the first to get the fact that we all like anime and we want boxes that cater to specific ones not just something that caters to mainstream. Nothing wrong with just general/mainstream. It is nice finally seeing a box that gets the formula right. Granted this is box one of many more to come so, fingers crossed!

So, this is a brief outline of the Omakase Kill La Kill Launch Box. The time to purchase it has passed sadly, this past November 30th was the last chance to grab it! While Viewster has just launched their service for Omakase, who knows if we will see a box that takes the best selling boxes or a repeat box to put out into the wild again. If you would love to grab the upcoming Naruto Shippuden Omakase Box, then please feel free to use the link provided down below! As always, thank you for reading.

Omakase’s link:

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