Discussion Point: -Finding Your Voice In a Sea of Endless Voices-

In a world that is full of individuals seeking to carve out a meager living, we often find ourselves watching the mass of bodies swarm for the few totem poles that are dotted around the world. We want to be more, we want to stand out. Often, our voices are not heard as, everyone else around us is trying to make their voices heard too. I’ve often pondered my reasons and desires as to why I am doing what I am doing with this website or with whatever it is that I do. A voice can have weight, it can carry. It can influence others, it can deceive others or it can just fade into the black abyss below. When writing for a wider audience it is often difficult to find enjoyment or even personal satisfaction for some. There is always some sort of under-lying factor that drives motivation for writing. I for one will be the first to tell you I want this to evolve into a job, whether part time or full time. Some just want the satisfaction of writing, others want to just get that name recognition. Whatever the reasoning we all want to find that voice that gives us a position that will make us feel better or worse.


Having seen a bit of posts from authors on this website and from ones that I follow, made me sit back and think about things from a stand-point that is helping me to consider what I am going to be writing about or what I am going to be wanting to move my website to. You may feel as if your content lacks, that it just doesn’t feel good to you or that it lacks voice or just seems drowned in a sea of similar voices. It is truly hard and it can get down right frustrating or depressing. Especially if you are aiming to make this a job of sorts. The frustration is just something that has to be there. Not saying that it is required of writing articles but it will always be something poking away in our heads. I can write a review, go back to it and just feel like what I talk about pales in comparison to what may already be out there. It gets to you and makes you feel like your added voice just only swamps the current environment.

If you can make it out from that swamp, then trust me in what I will say next, it gets better. I have been able to talk to some amazing men and women from Twitter. I have found some amazing sites and amazing partnerships with them. It really will help pave the way for more things in the future. I have only been at this myself for 8 months and some fruit is already starting to bear. Will it always be like this? Doubtful, but if you can keep up a driving force then nothing is impossible. It may be behind piles of convoluted hoops to jump through or surprisingly easy questions. Everything works differently and everything is a bit more obscure than what we would like for our dreams. Sometimes, you just got to add to the swamp of already growing masses. You wade through the thickest of it and try to make an appearance in a part of that swamp that might seem easiest to traverse.

I really also wanted to write this post due to members that I have talked to while at my normal work place, of their children and grandchildren who worry that their videos won’t make much of a splash or have an impact on the community. While it may all seem difficult and frankly, scary, you just got to show everyone that you are able to adapt. You can write the same content as a hundred others but it is your weighted voice that really adds a uniqueness to the flavor of it all. So, if you never give it a shot then there is nothing ever gained. There is a missed chance at something possibly great. For when there is nothing ventured, nothing is gained.


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