From Us, To you!


With everyone giving a lot of thanks and well wishes to each and everyone, we here at Otaku Gamer Zone would like to thank each and everyone of you. I am someone that loves to give thanks, to make everyone smile. In return that helps me to feel a bit more happy about the things I get to do because of it. Being able to write articles and do this is all because of a good experience I was thankful to have. Talking and covering anime is more fun than I could have ever expected it to be and I am glad to share it with you all. So, thank you for being with us. Thank you for sticking it out with us from March until now. We are just barely reaching our year one mark and for me personally, this is but a dream come true.

I can safely say that, Otaku Gamer Zone, no matter what we become in the future, will continue to strive to be the best that it can be, to develop into a site that is worth while to visit and to get the latest information from. We will look to form partnerships and the like to help provide you all with material to chew on and material that we feel is right for you all. I have a feeling that this may all be too wishy washy for some of you but, it’s how we all feel here. Thank you for a wonderful year and a wonderful time!

Oh wait, we aren’t quite done yet. I would like to take this time to also state that, due to all of you out there being supportive and helpful, Otaku Gamer Zone would like to announce our first ever giveaway! Now, this won’t be anything too fancy and we don’t have a concrete item list for you but I want to give back to you all. Money being money, this will only be open to one person currently. We will keep you posted on if we open it up to more people. I can say Manga and plushies will be involved! It will sadly depend on my local stores stock so bear that in mind! If you would like to enter this just follow these simple steps below!

  • Be sure that you are subscribe to our Twitter page! @OGZ_Kausus
  • Lastly, Tell us what anime means to you on our twitter post: Twitter link!

So, be sure to meet all of those and I will choose a winner at random (Using a sort of random numbers thing). As of this writing, we currently are limiting this to those of you here in the United States. We will be setting aside a separate fund, but as of right now, international shipping is a bit out of the way right now! We do apologize! Thank you so much and I look forward to announcing details about this further!


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