Anime Black Friday Deal!

We all know what many of you will be doing around 7PM tonight in most areas. You will set out to your local shopping centers to grab some of the best deals of the season. While many of you may be like myself, not willing to fight the crowds or convolution, there is another awesome alternative. You know we love Viewster’s Omakase, a box of curated anime goods that gets delivered to your cozy little door step every two months. (Original article here!)


Well, fret no more! With this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you can safely stay within the comfort of your own home and safely shop for all the anime you want! Viewster is running an AWESOME, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal. It will end on November 30th so timing is of the essence if you want to take advantage of this deal. For just $40USD (Will then be just $29USD after the fact every two months, you will net both the Kill La Kill Launch Box and the upcoming January, Naruto Shippuden Box. Each is filled with goods that you can buy yourself but the rest are often Omakase exclusives and will only have a one time printed run! If you know anything about one print runs is that they can be pretty expensive if you miss them! You also will nab a SIX MONTH Free subscription to Weekly Shonen Jump! Manga for days! On top of all the above, you also get to stream anime ad-free and in HD. Viewster’s anime list is literally, growing every passing day. You are sure to find something for you.

So, give it a try! You can just get the one box and then drop it. No hurt feelings. If you feel like giving it a try then follow the link below and start the sign-up process. You can expect us to be using the Viewster Library to bring you some awesome anime recommendations. We will be posting other Black Friday Anime Deals when we can find them!

Omakase Link!:


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