Gaming Review: -Star Wars Battlefront-

This singular trailer can speak volumes for this game. A game that was crafted by individuals who love the, Star Wars, franchise as much as you or I. Every generation has a story to tell, every generation has it’s heroes and heroines. EA’s, Star Wars Battlefront, attempts to deliver this, in a packaged, gaming bundle. While controversy has surrounded the games lack of a single player experience, the games multiplayer has taken the series to newer heights. Today, we finally bring to you our, Star Wars Battlefront review.


The Game: Taking place in the same time frame as the original trilogy, Star Wars Battlefront is a game, lovingly crafted by DICE and published by Electronic Arts (EA). Star Wars Battlefront cashes in on the heavy influence that is nostalgia. It’s trailers speak volume to this idea and the gameplay feels just that much more engaging because of it. Everything shines and feels in its place. From the atmosphere, the music, the sounds, every little detail is spared no expense. It plays just like any other shooter and if you have played a DICE Battlefield game, then you should feel just at home; I however, would not go to great lengths to call this a shameful re-skin of a Battlefield game. It is nothing like a Battlefield game in our opinion. It plays like a Star Wars themed game would play like.

While lacking in a single player campaign, the game offers a survival and AI based skirmish as a supplement to this formula. Does it do this game justice for those who craved an offline experience? Sadly, no. While survival can be challenging on the higher difficulties, it is no replacement to a story driven campaign. Now, from my personal stand-point, I never, NEVER played a Battlefront game for the story. I already knew the story. If I did play the single player campaign, I did so once and then I stuck to Skirmish or a few online multiplayer games. This game, while the AI aspect is lacking for all game choices, still follows the same rough formula. Now, I am not saying that I wouldn’t want AI matches on Walker Assault or Supremacy, I have just gotten used to playing online with these match types.


The immersion is a huge factor that this game sucks you in with. It presents a world that only the movies have ever really brought to life. This is the first Star Wars game title to actually have me hooked and pulled into the world. The trailer above speaks volumes for this idea. EA knows that we played the Beta and that we all answered the survey question with, “It fulfills a Star Wars Fantasy.” I cannot tell you how many times I have had moments of, “Wow! That was just like in the movies!” It really brings out the child who grew up watching the original trilogy in place of children’s cartoons. For some however, this may not be the case as quite a few gamers aren’t really sold on this experience due to the game feeling like a 60USD paper-weight with a multiplayer driven experience only.

The game play for the game is also very solid. Everything it responsive and happens on queue. The first person mechanics are much improved over the original two entries to the Battlefront series. With that being said, the originals primarily played with a third-person viewpoint, which is entirely accessible in the new game by simply holding down on the D-Pad. While we have not personally played in that view as of this writing, others have stated it is a bit like the old one, just a bit more fluid than the past titles. While there have been a fair bit of complaints about the piloting aspects of the game, they are very stable and quite fun, although it does turn into a game of who can fly the slowest while trying to get behind their intended targets. The ground vehicles all have their own unique perks and benefits, the Empire’s AT-ST, while powerful is a bit awkward when navigating, which allows some careful shots to land and deal some big damage to it. Walker Assault has greatly improved over the Beta. A new weak-point was added that seems to take a ton more damage than what it took to bring one down last time.  Overall the game preforms and plays phenomenally on the PS4. I would assume it performs the same on Xbox-One and even better on higher end PC’s.


The Details: Now, with a title that was crafted lovingly by fans of the franchise, Star Wars Battlefront has been talked over and over about being the most detail based Star Wars Game, ever made. It helps that DICE was also granted access to Lucasfilm’s archives to photograph every single prop that they were allowed access to. You are literally using the blaster that Han Solo used. You are literally flying the X-Wing that took to the space around the Death Star. It’s why they have been promoting nostalgia so much. It’s why I was so flabbergasted and taken-aback when the beta came around. The trailers also do a ton of justice to the game and give everyone a sense of the depth and scope that this title has to offer us all.

Being a fan of music, being able to hear the same familiar melodies and epic scores all over again, brings this fan some joy. It is leagues better than the original Battlefronts and this time, it makes you feel like you are in the center of all this action. John Williams really did his best work here and I have to say I am eager to find out if the Battle of Jakku DLC will feature some of John Williams new compositions from the upcoming movie. We will all just have to wait and see…Even the blasters and cannon’s all have glorious sounds to them all. They feel weighted and fuller than most of the original stuff. It is something that is drastically different from the other games where they lacked any real weight. Making something that doesn’t exist gun wise in our known universe, is a bit of a challenge but, I think that they all found a very happy medium.

The Verdict: Star Wars Battlefront delivers a game that is lacking in any repeatable single player experience. What it lacks in that, it more than makes up for with impressive and engaging multiplayer. You can safely bet your ship that you will find yourself immersed in this game by the time you pick it up. Will it be for everyone? No. Maybe a select few who are fans of Star Wars but some older, Battlefront veterans will be a bit put off, especially if they loved the old AI skirmishes. If you want a game that can immerse you in the fiction of Star Wars, then you can’t do any better than this. We give this game the biggest recommendation that we can give you all! If you are interested in picking this title up, it should be available at every major retailer and every digital online store.


We hope that you all who have the game are enjoying yourselves and creating your own unique Star Wars experiences to share and tell to your family and friends as we progress further into the games release. IF you did not like them game, we would love to hear your opinions down below! If you liked it, then feel free to tell us too! You can follow us on Twitter for more gaming and anime related items! Thank you so much for reading!

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