Anime Review: -K-On! Part 2-

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So, continuing with our review, I wanted to sort of break up each season to their own part. K-On! Season 2 more than doubles the current episode count and has just as much fun, love and care put into it. The part that gets you, like Azu-nyan, is the fact that K-On! is ending. The art style does get a slight pick up this season as it continues to improve and impress as the fluid animations that we grew accustomed to are now even better than they previously were. I have to say, that the opening this time around seems a bit more flat, as the first opening I am sure took a lot more time to edit in a circular motion. Just a small gripe but still a wonderful opening none the less.


The voice acting is superb, possibly my favorite part about this season. I love hearing Yui’s exaggerated older lady voice. This voice actress just knows how to put so much life and personality into her character that you almost forget that this person is just voicing a character that only exists in fiction. That is what great voice acting does for the viewers though. It presents us with a chance to lose ourselves through their acting and to be swept off to another world that is both unique and funny. Sometimes it might be scary. The voice work for everyone and not just Yui is something to be impressed about. Everyone actress puts in the effort to give these characters lives of their own and feelings that are all to real.

These slice of life type stories tend to only follow a daily life and then we see some sort of progression. With K-On! we see this but we also see this as a day by day thing. They are normal high school students doing things high school students typically do. They are characters that you and I can relate with, male or female. That is what makes or breaks an anime or slice of life. They often make characters that seem all to fake or unbelievable. While anime is still anime, K-On! Has shown me a lot of characters that remind me of friends that I would share in antics with. Nerdy or not.  While this is not necessary for a slice of life, it is almost a necessity for those who watch anime looking for something to find a connection to.

The music is a bit of the same this time around. With a lot of the same set pieces that we heard in the first season. Though there are a few new bits of in anime music that the group plays, you don’t sadly get to hear them as much as you do the first songs they ever made. It’s mainly a lot of Fuwa Fuwa Time. Nothing wrong with that, it just gets a bit too repetitive for my tastes. With a much wider library of songs I would have hoped to hear a bit more than I did previously. This doesn’t detract any at all from the overall beauty of this anime.


There is a reason this anime has such a following and it is just how beautiful this anime can be. There are moments of rushed feelings, happiness, sadness and surprise. This anime is really a gem to be had and I strongly recommend that anyone looking to enjoy a fantastic story of friendship, music and tea, then look no further. If you lack a Funimation subscription, you can also find this anime in it’s entirety on Viewster. Bear in mind, Viewster’s catalog will vary depending on which country you are residing in. If you have seen the whole two seasons like we have, what were some of your favorite moments? Any ones that you hated? Or do you wish that it had more seasons like I do? Feel free to comment below or on our official Twitter page!



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