Let’s Talk: OGZ’s Naka-Kon 2016 Plan!-

With Naka-Kon 2016 almost 3 months away, we are getting ready with our game plan and eagerly counting down. Now, we talked about Naka-Kon awhile back and I figured now would be another good time to start talking about our plans for Naka-Kon. I know some of you that follow us are in the Kansas/Missouri area so, it helps to keep you all informed! We will be there as an attendee and will not be hosting a panel or have a table. We aren’t that cool. Yet.


We will be designing some awesome shirt to wear! So, that way you guy’s can all notice us and track us down. We will be up for chatting with you all. I may seem a bit surprised at first but, I am totally down to nerd out with you all and talk blogging, anime or games. I don’t know if this will work out but I want to figure out what to give people who notice us wandering about Naka-Kon. I might have to see what it would cost to make a few buttons or lanyards. Something that is easy to make and give. We will see what will come when the cards are handed to us. Now, we will be there all weekend. I Have not a clue as to when we will be leaving but, I believe mid-day Sunday will be a good time to leave. So, we got some time to chat and hang out if need be!

I do plan on doing some video recording this year. Hopefully with a pretty nice camera too. If the hotel I am staying in has a decent connection, I may even live-stream a day by day reaction and also engage with all of you that can’t go. Depending on the budget, I may also grab a few items for a giveaway after the convention. Always lots of free goodies! So, will any of you be in attendance? If so, feel free to comment down below! We will try to get more and more content out, day by day. Expect more video content too, I want to get into more of the digital based discussion and video making as many users prefer that medium instead.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: OGZ’s Naka-Kon 2016 Plan!-

  1. Nice! Hopefully I’ll see you around with those fancy shirts of yours!

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    1. We look forward to hanging out and talking to you too!

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