Let’s Talk: -Viewster’s Omakase *Edited*-

*Edited as of November 24th, 2015 9:38AM CST. To Account for new Omakase January Box/Black Friday*

Yes I know I have been on an excited rant about this very product for the past day now and I realize that it may be getting old. For those of you who may not have a clue about what makes this article special, is that it is covering an item that is just as special, if not more so.

The official Omakase logo!

I never have been into Loot Crate or grab bag boxes. I though that the idea of paying around 30USD per month for a box with maybe one or two items you really wanted, was a giant waste of money (Says the person who bought steam sale packs and the such…d’oh). I felt that the ones that did do an anime box, generally made gathered items that maybe not many people enjoyed or were maybe from anime that I just didn’t flat out enjoy. Viewster’s Omakase, (おまかせ), Omakase roughly translated as, Chef’s selection, gives the boxed concept a whole new loan on life. At least from my perspective.

What Omakase offers is something that is not just two or three-fold but, just literally stuffed to the brim. Starting at just 29USD bi-monthly, you get to grab a special box, filled with exclusive goodies and content. You also get to read and listen to exclusive comics and other items from the talented community that Viewster partners with. You also get to enjoy HD/Ad free-streaming at no extra cost. Now, I understand that most of these box subscriptions are a monthly thing and that most of you may be wondering why you should support something that is only bi-monthly, well the fact is simple. You also get digital content to enjoy. You can watch anime till your heart is content and more. With sites like, Loot Crate, you just get the package and then it is off to next month. Viewster is giving fans the chance to soak in the boxed goodies and then watch anime with HD/Ad free-streaming.


Now I will be very frank with you all. While Viewster for NA has been around for a while now, it’s anime library is not as developed as say, Crunchyroll. I use and love Crunchyroll to bits. Now with that being said. It lacks K-On! and many other small anime that Viewster, just so happens to have. Maybe it is because the man in-charge of the North American division, Mr. Rob Pereyda, who was the licensing VP at Crunchyroll, is leading this charge. Now, also bear in mind that each country has it’s own licensing agreements and rules to follow. So, other countries may also have an anime that we don’t have. Just helps to add a viewing diversity.

Yes it is quite hard to chew on a 29USD+ bill per month but I feel that the items that are included with every Omakase box are more than worth double if not triple the cost of what you are paying for this little box of love. Heck, to put this into perspective, this Launch Box by Omakase will feature an exclusive ONE-TIME RUN of a Gold-Foil, Hardcover Volume One of Kill La Kill’s Manga. That is literally going to be something that will drive fans of the series to want to buy anyone that is caught out in the open. Thankfully, this Kill La Kill junky got his subscription in with due time to spare (insert dastardly, evil laughter here). These items will literally pay for the box itself. It also drives one person to think about how insane the production costs for all of this stuff might be for Viewster. Thankfully I am hoping that the amount of initial support is more than enough for continued, epic content. Not to mention, for this first time run, for those of you who managed to get in, we also got given a FREE six month Subscription to Weekly Shonen Jump! That is just insane!

So yes, I may be a bit partial to this box as it is featuring an anime series that I adore so much as it’s headliner. It could also be that the amazing people over at Viewster & Omakase are so incredibly fun to chat and nerd out with too. All I have to say is give it a try. If you don’t like it, unsubscribe before your anniversary date hits for renewal. It is as simple as that. But if you can stick with it, I think you will be very pleased. I do believe that at the time of this writing that the station has closed for being able to get in on this first box. Fret not, you will be able to see what will be coming up when they get started on gearing up for the second boxed entry into the already shining, Omakase.


As of this posting, Viewster has also just announced a, Black Friday bundle. This bundle will run you only 40USD and will net you the Kill La Kill Launch Box, The Naruto Shippuden Box and the 6 month subscription to Weekly Shonen Jump! This deal is open from November 24th-30th. Currently this is aimed at NEW U.S. Subscribers. Just head on over to omakase.moe and get started!

I also wish to clarify, there is absolutely ZERO incentive for me to write about this, to gush over Omakase. I am gushing over this as a very excited and very pleased consumer. Viewster is not giving me anything special, nor have I asked for anything back in return. I simply wish to share a program with you all that I feel and think, is worth both your time and money. Omakase could very well be a game changer; in the sense that it may drive Hulu, Funimation or even Crunchyroll to possibly try and do the same sort of deal. Yes, I talk quite a bit on Twitter with a few of the folks over at Viewster but, I am hardly on a payroll or advertisement run. If I like something, I will invest all my time in telling others about it. You should have seen me talking about Fallout 4 before launch period.

I do wish to note that I will be doing an unboxing video. Just got me a fancy Tripod and going to see how that works out for us when I do some new video recording. I am hoping the quality improves more than it has. I want to be able to have you all share in this most holy of moments. As always, I want to know what you all think about these sort of boxed goodie subscriptions. Like them or Not? If money were not an issue would you sign-up for one? Let us know below or on our offical Twitter page! We love to engage with each and everyone of you! Thank you for reading!


Omakase Site! http://mbsy.co/cZdnH

Official Twitter page! https://twitter.com/viewster

OGZ official Twitter! https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


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