Disccusion: -Otaku Gamer Zone Possible Giveaway Ideas!-

As is the season for giveaways and the likes, we here at Otaku Gamer Zone are contemplating a giveaway. Now, this is not tying into any sort of Patreon based event, it is tying into the sheer amount of users and fellow authors that are doing just that. We did start a poll on our official Twitter page but, I want to say that it is something that is going to be in the works for a little while. A giveaway is something that can be meaningful, as it is rewarding to those of you who read our horrid posts. Well, they aren’t that bad but, they are lacking I know.


So what would something like this entail? Well, that hasn’t quite been hammered into place yet. It will be a box of some sort. Of what? Well, that is something else to wait for. Not really, It may include a manga or two. Maybe a wall-scroll or maybe something else entirely. It is all something that I want to have figured out before Christmas time. It will be fairly easy to get some anime related stuff locally and then have it all shipped out! And again, this has nothing to do with anyone on Patreon. I will open this up solely on our official Twitter page! (See hyperlink above or URL link below) Why not wordpress? Not many people want to make an account or subscribe via email. So, Twitter is usually the next best thing. As far as what it will contain. I may decide on something later but, if we do end up doing this giveaway, what would you all like to see in it? Now, nothing explicit will be included, that being said if I were to include say something, Kill la kill or Super Sonico, then I would just let you all know upfront.

So, feel free to comment below or on our Twitter page of what you think about this idea and if you would be up for winning some free loots. Then again, I doubt there would be anyone against winning free stuff. Who knows, I may also include a free mystery gift too! Happy Monday’s/Tuesday’s to you all! I should also note that with the Black Friday season coming up, I may be posting less once more as working retail can be lack-luster in it’s own right. So, if we vanish for a bit we apologize and will be trying to get back to you as quickly as we can!

Official Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/OGZ_Kausus


2 thoughts on “Disccusion: -Otaku Gamer Zone Possible Giveaway Ideas!-

  1. I wish someone would make a giveaway with free time as a prize. :c

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