Kinoreviews is Doing a Give-Away!


A fellow author on WordPress is doing an anime related give away! Yes, we just talked about Viewster’s, Omakase Box, but I want to get you all in the know what what sort of deals you have going on! So, you can find her little slice of heaven here or here. Now to video in question will be up on this post so watch it! She is giving away titles that I myself love and adore and recommend that you all give it shot! She is also giving lucky little ones the first copy of the much adored, Chobits Manga. So, if you want the feels to hit you read it all through.

If you live in the dark ages, Lite Kino is an amazingly energetic blogger and YouTube host who just gives so much color and vibrancy to what she does. Her antics will make you laugh and the way she pitches her words are amazing. She is as passionate about anime as the next person after her and is just wanting to give back to her loyal fans and potential ones! So, what do you need to do to win? Well, first off, please go to her YouTube Channel and subscribe. Watch the video we are about to post above and then comment on that video about what you enjoy about her channel/website. You want to know what is even better? I am giving you all an extra shot at possibly winning with my comment. No I didn’t partner with her but, I want some fans who may not have the money for anime, to be able to get a shot at getting them!

If you happen to become a life long subscriber to her, tell her Kausus at Otaku Gamer Zone sent you. She also gives back a ton to the local WordPress community by helping to feature blogs and websites on here own. We were lucky to be one such website! So, do please give her website some love too! So, please enjoy the holiday season and festivities that will be happening within the coming days! In case you missed the hyperlinks above here they all are down below!

Official Site:

Official YouTube:

Official Twitter:


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