Website Discussion: -Work Hiatus and Upcoming reviews-

So as some of you may have noted with the local retailers like, Sam’s Club, Costco and Best Buy, there have been a TON of phone sales going on. As such, it has put a massive strain on myself and I just needed a bit of time to adjust to it all. That being said, my place of work is wrapping up it’s event work for this week and will have about a weeks intermission between this even and the next one. That hopefully means more time for articles!

Part 2 of our K-On! review will be up hopefully this weekend, if not next weekend. Most of the Fall line up for anime are still running strong and as such will be a while until we can get a review post up for those. Speaking of anime related things, I just recently acquired a Japanese, Kotatsu. If you are wondering what a Kotatsu is, it is simple a table that has a heater underneath it and you drape a comforter or a futon over the base and place the table top over it. Then you shall enter a land filled with warmth and cozy. I will be talking about it in more detail in a future post but I should note that I HIGHLY recommend it. Back to the anime focus, I will be getting a review of an older anime up. I may start a recommendation series; that of course will talk about the why’s and how’s of the anime I want you all to watch. I do also apologize for the Nisekoi blackout. I have yet to still review that as well, so please do not ignite those torches and grab those pitch forks yet!

On the gaming front, with Fallout 4 past a week out, it is still chugging strong. Bethesda has commented on some key issues and addressed that the community will have influence on what DLC get’s released for this massive title. Star Wars Battlefront also entered the arena. Another author and myself will be doing a co-review on this title and that will be up whenever we can get the time to splice together both of our inputs.

So, if you were all wondering if I ran away from this, no I did not, just life and work sometimes have a funny way of influencing what we do with out free time and what we do not do with our free time. I do plan on doing some live-streams of my gameplay with Fallout 4 & Star Wars Battlefront; as well as a few talking points and general fluff. I am also trying to figure out on how to get a podcast series up and going. I think audio engagement is something that is fun and special. I for one, prefer to listen to something, like say a review or diatribe on a subject, rather than reading it; especially if one is already occupied with something else. I do apologzie for the lack of communication on our website and social media outlets. It’s often hard to keep up when you are the only moderating things! Thank you to all of you who have still stuck around!


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