Anime Review: -K-On! Part 1-

We all know that I love music. Love it. We all know I like cheesy, silly and funny anime. So, who isn’t to say that I wouldn’t like K-On? Well, I loved it. From the wonderful art-style, to the comedic relief and one liners that get tossed about during the run of the first Season. K-On delievers a special anime that follows the efforts of the Light Music Club on their journey to just enjoy life and that of their remaining years as high school students. In this review, we will attempt to convey what we loved about this title and what we wished may have been changed or different. With the second season already in our queued box, we will solely be focusing on what the first season offered us and what it also helped to convey to us all.


Having the Studio, Kyoto Animation, front running the anime for televised release, K-On brings Kyoto Animations artistic style to full light, with familiar titles covering Nichijou and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. The art is just seamless in this anime. It’s fluid, dynamic and just gorgeous with how well it transitions between frames and character animations. Then again, Kyoto Animation has always had a fantastic track record when it concerns their anime titles. They hardly are choppy on the animation quality and content. They always seem to deliver fantastic titles in a timely and artistic manner. Each character is unique in their movements and flow, with either one having their own unique features, such as Mugi having her adorable eye-brows. If we are also wanting to talk about the topic of character’s and unique features, the personality spread is a much welcomed addition to an anime like this. While some may have roughly the same type of out look, each of the five characters has a diverse enough personality to allow many fans to reach out and connect with them. I personally love Mugi’s personality, the rich, blonde, air-head. She has a lot of fun little moments throughout the anime that we get to experience with her and that we all get to cherish very much. Or at least that is how I am looking at things!

The art for even just the environments is fantastic. While not of immersive or visually impressive as the newer anime, it still can hold up and compete against the slew of newer anime that are floating out right now. I would also like to safely say that, Kyoto Animation, is a studio that knows how to take their time and focuses all their efforts into delivering an anime that is leaps above what we are all used to seeing. That is just something that is very evident from their past works as well as their current works. Even the few CG scenes are not a waste of time or quality. While newer methods have popped up, the 3D models that are present are very well done and do nothing to derail this fantastic anime adaption. The voice work is amazing. Especially for the character Yui, who has some of the most varied lines and tone that I have seen in one anime character. Her voice actress has really put forth, massive amounts of diversity into bring to life one amazing character that we are able to interact and laugh with or at. While I am sure there may be an english dub floating out in the sky somewhere, I have only been able to access the Japanese version, which is just as fun and awesome.

When it boils down to what is there of a story, well, it more or less is something that embodies a progressive nature or state. Every Character starts out differently, some change and others do not. It is the joy in being together with a club that we really see everyone connect and shine. Just being able to play in a band is all that really concerns them all. Hanging out, sharing tea and cakes and then playing music is just their lives. No more fluff than that. It develops over time into something more than just that, especially during the second season. For the first season it is the push to do something different and to develop yourselves a bit differently than you ever though possible before hand. While there really isn’t a character focus, we do open the anime with Yui and her younger sister Ui. So, it is roughly safe to say that the focused character is Yui, at least the first season around. Through the first season, she sees a massive change in her sluggish personality however, it is just enough to for her character to be diverse by the end of the first season run. Music is also a big expressive part of this anime and it can find itself in their random daily doings or for their high school opening ceremonies. From the opening, to the closings and everything else in-between, all the music in this anime is expressive of feelings that may be hard to express or hard to put into regular actions or words. So music is the best, next thing. It’s melodies can speak the words that one might find too hard to formulate.

The background music is just as fun and light as the main songs that focus through the openings and endings of the anime. While the played songs by the light music club are much better, it still is nice to note that the background music is there for those of us that like the soft melodies they may be able to play for us all. When combined together, they form such beautiful scenes and moments that one can find themselves lost in the music of the show and off into their own little corner of the world. I know I have to touch upon music in almost every post but it really does speak volume for situations where normal words may not be easily accessible to the characters.

In conclusion, the first season for K-On is both wildly amazing and musically intoxicating. If you love a slice of life feel and vibe, then be sure to check this anime out. While this review is essentially a part 1 and we will continue our review further, once we manage to get through what remains of the second and last season of K-On. So, please stay tuned for that and we thank you all for sticking with us through our sporadic week of posts as with work, life and gaming all having contributing tugs from our main focuses. Have you seen the first season of K-On? Is it an anime you have on your watch list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! As always, this has been Kausus!


3 thoughts on “Anime Review: -K-On! Part 1-

  1. K-On is fantastic. I think I watched it at the wrong time for me as we had been watching lots of school based anime and due to feeling a bit overloaded with this genre, I didn’t get to the second season as it was just too much. The music is amazing.

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  2. I’ve still yet to watch the famous music-moe anime about music, but I can agree with you on one thing – Kyoto Animation really is something, isn’t it? Seriously most of my favorite animated snippets from anime come from a work done by this magnificent studio. As you mentioned, they are creative when it comes to character designs and always knows how to get things movin’ — smoothly, that’s how! Just reading this makes me want to dive right into it, and I look forward to checking out the second part!


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