Countdown To Fallout 4 -Fallout 4 Launch Trailer And Pip-Boy Companion App-


So little late last night, I found out that the, Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Companion app, launched on the App Store and Google Play Store! So, if you are as hyped as I am to prepare for Fallout 4, then feel free to go and check it out! It is full of information on a few perks, items, armor and it has a map! Yes it only shows Vault 111, it does give us an impression about the size and scope of the game; I know some of you have not watched the spoiler stuff so you can get your fix this way. You even get a taste for some of the holotape games featured in Fallout 4. Coming equipped with, Atomic Command, a clever re-skin of, Missile Command, gives us a simple taste of what to expect. Just seeing this means that we can give these games so much needed attention. Heck, we can pass it off to friends who are watching so that way they can play some of the Fallout 4 love and having a chance to get a feel for the game. It seems like it may be a persistent connection to the game itself as it will have directly save your IP. So, mabye inventory management on the go? Playable radio stations on the go? I really hope so for the latter.


We also got a launch trailer that gives us some of the views from the various citizens of Boston and that of both the male and female protagonist. We also get to see that the, Institute, is painted as the enemy of the wastes and will bring us to the forefront of the argument in game, do we treat synths as human, with rights or do we just ignore those liberties. I won’t digress on this trailer much but I will link it down below so that way, you all can bask in its lovely glory.

Have you all ordered your copies yet? Be sure to check with your local retailer and online options to see if they are still indeed up for pre-order! Bear in mind that digital pre-orders will allow you to pre-install at least a day in advance! So, feel free to leave a comment below and we will catch you all in our next article!


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