Countdown to Fallout 4! -Day 6-

We are in the home stretch now! With only six days left for the long awaited sequel to, Fallout 3, Fallout 4 aims to bring us the most lively wasteland we have seen so far in a gaming environment. From ambient moments of action, to the vertical environments that Bethesda seeks to bring us in the ruins of Boston. Giving the player a dynamic space to play in, build in and have enjoyment in, has been something of a goal for Bethesda over the many years of development.


To any one that has ever played a Bethesda title, you know what to expect. A world that is literally stuffed to the brim with items, useless items, books, lore and life. While some aspects where better than others, it was always the same passionate drive from game to game. I remember first playing Morrowind and feeling immensely over-whelmed (Positively mind you) with the sheer amount of magical possibilities that this game presented me. Even when Oblivion swung around, I was nothing but pleased with the chances I had at my finger tips. Fallout 3 continued upon it and Skyrim made it dynamic, epic and wide. Fallout 4 has to carry that torch even further than it has gone and give players something big and just as engaging as those before it. It doesn’t have to be an, Elder Scrolls, title to carry the torch onward; it just has to push Bethesda to newer heights and goals for further installments. I feel that from what we have seen, leaked or official, it feels safe to say that this Fallout will be on of the most detailed entries into the series to date. I literally cannot contain how excited I am to get my junk pile collection growing and to expand my settlements with stuff and fill them with a lot of life and clutter.

Are you all as excited as we are to be able to experience a detailed and filled world that only Bethesda can really craft? Feel free to comment below or connect with us on our Twitter page! With only 6 days left to go, I can safely say that my body is ready.


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