Countdown to Fallout4! -Day 8/7-

So, like the scrub I am, while writing this article I managed to fall asleep last night. Instead of just skipping over that day I will bundle it into a bigger article! Yesterday’s and Today’s topic for Fallout 4 will cover the touchy subject of Graphics! Since, due to many, MANY leaked screenshots and about 20 minutes worth of game play footage, gave many fans a rile of fire as flak started firing off against the unpolished, non-crisp graphics that fans where expecting to see. Please bear in mind this article will feature opinions based on my own thoughts and will not reflect the community as a whole.

7 Days to go! Image sourced on the Xbox UK Twitter feed!
7 Days to go! Image sourced on the Xbox UK Twitter feed!

Now, having watched and looked at the leaked material myself, I can say that  while the quality in the screenshots is mainly due to bad compression, it is running on a game that has not had anything in the way of a day one patch to address post launch concerns. The videos that were leaked also show some pretty bad lip-sync, which granted, if you pay attention to the videos they are jerky and suffer from buffer rates. So, it could just well be the person’s terrible connection and upload quality that is being shown. Granted it could very well be the game itself. Now comes the all important question, does it concern/bother me? Yes, it bothers me. Having had a four year development cycle, you would hope some stuff would have been hammered out. Does the graphical presentation concern me? No. I don’t expect Fallout 4 to be the next Crysis 3 or Witcher 3. While Bethesda does make some gorgeous games, and Fallout 4 is certainly one of them, it is not of major concern. I don’t go into a store with the mind set that whatever game I get has to be the most jaw-dropping in terms of visuals or presentations.

Granted for many the visuals are one of the most important parts to a game or even in purchasing a game. While this makes me cringe thinking about buying a game on just how it looks, I understand that for some this is a make or break type of scenario that presents an off putting experience; granted you don’t want to get a game and only find out that it has sub-par graphics and it looks like it belongs on the last generation. That I feel is a major jumping and starting point for many when considering a game for the current generation and frankly, it is what we come to expect of a game that will be released on only current generation consoles and PC. If it is going to be shipped to a current generation console then it needs to perform like one. Now granted, this is Bethesda’s first run at one of their main flagship titles on the next generation and it will certainly have been a learning experience for them. There is still however, the matter of the long development cycle that this title had and it leaves many fans wondering and hoping that what we have seen so far is not the finally product of the game when we all get our hands on it come this November 10th.

So as always, I love to hear what you all have to say about this subject too. Have you seen the leaked screenshots or videos? Do you feel off put by the graphics so far or are you optimistic like myself? Feel free to share your thoughts and spill your heart out below! We also would love to hear from you readers on Twitter as well! As always, this has been Kausus!


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