Countdown to Fallout 4! -Day 9-

So, with Halloween throwing most of my plans for a loop, I decided to hold back a day on our new series, Countdown. Now, this series will only be utilized when a game, anime, cat, etc… that we are excited about. Essentially we will be talking about a subject everyday, or at least try to, about the title in question. It could be about older entries, newer entries or what we are looking forward to with speculative guesses and information. These will not be big article by any means but they will have enough to get you as excited as we are!

So to start us off, I just want to say that if you have not played Fallout, you need to. It is a classic Post-Apocalyptic RPG that has a long and fun history in gaming. It was seen as the spiritual successor to Wasteland and continues to be the best series in the post-apocalyptic setting to date. With Fallout 4 seeking to be the best in the series so far, Fallout has really come a long way. Original played with an overhead, turn based format, it soon evolved into the free form RPG shooter we know today, thanks in part to the awesome folks at Bethesda. If you are curious about trying out the whole series before the launch of, Fallout 4, then be sure to head on over to your local Game Stop and pick up the, Fallout Anthology. I can guarantee you will love playing through Fallout 1-3, Tactics and New Vegas.


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