Website Discussion: -Our plans from the next week on!-

As you all may know, we have been a bit shut in with our content lately and that is a big apology I have to send out your way. Real life work is taking a massive portion of my free time as the retail store I work for is moving into the holiday rush! So, most of our writers on Otaku Gamer Zone will be pre-occupied with work obligations. However, we will have a bit of time off here and there to help work on the website, as well as other aspects. We do have a lot of big plans in the works for the website as we are finally getting into a big gaming release season! As mentioned in an earlier post, Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront are going to be two massive titles that we will be reviewing on our site and will be hopefully live-streaming in the future! I believe this article will also go out today, along with my plans to do an article covering something about the Fallout game universe, everyday until the 10th of November. The reason for that being, I am so incredibly excited about Fallout 4 and I cannot wait to give you all our full and in-depth review of said title!

In terms of anime we are trying our best to chug through whats anime we are watching for the fall season! For other anime, we are going to be chugging through, K-On!!, both season one and two, as well as the OVA’s tied to them both. While a bit older yes, we are still going to review them none-the-less. K-On has been an anime that I have tried to find the time to watch but never gave it much of a chance in trying to find a site that has it for legal streaming. I just recently remedied that so, I hope you all look forward to that review! I also will be catching up with the current anime, due to work picking up I haven’t had much of a chance to find the time to even sit down and watch much anime, aside from K-On and Comet Lucifer.

So, that will wrap things up for me on this end. I only have today and tomorrow off but it is at least better than nothing. It will make things much more interesting when my job rolls fully into the holiday season as we gear up for a lot of sales events and other things. I do appreciate those of you who have been visiting even when we lack posts. With changes in my work place and home environment, I hope to be able to do more stuff, more often.


4 thoughts on “Website Discussion: -Our plans from the next week on!-

  1. I wonder who will win in November, Star Wars or Fallout.


    1. It’s going to be one hell of a month! Sorry for the lateness! Lot’s of Halloween events yesterday!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I understand, Halloween was busy here as well. Yep, not to mention, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 is released this week as well. It’s a 3-way deadock.


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