Let’s Talk Gaming: -The Hype Train: Fallout 4 Edition-

As you all may have gathered by now, I am totally psyched and stoked for Fallout 4 to release. This isn’t just a selective feeling, it is a mutually shared one that thousands of others share as well. I mean if you just take a moment to go to YouTube and search just Fallout 4, you will get a TON, a metric ton, of content talking about Fallout 4 and the many discussion and what if videos that surround it. If you are in the neighborhood to watch some speculative and informative videos about Fallout 4, then please give consideration to looking into, MrMattyPlays. He delivers some of the most well thought out talks and discussions concerning Fallout 4. Give him some much deserved love, or hate, depending on how much you enjoy his content. Least to say I am a sold fan then again, I do enjoy just about any good video I can get my grubby hands on when it comes to Fallout 4.

Fallout4_E3_Behemoth_1434323954.0So, why all of this hype? Why are passionate fans just losing their minds about Fallout 4? Now, this just doesn’t happen with Fallout 4, it happens to just about every big title. If you are an invested Call of Duty or Assassins Creed fan, then you know how it feels waiting for that singular and amazing launch day. Many request off work or call in to class sick. I sure know what it was like when Halo 3 landed in our living rooms. All I could see on the news and in online forums where people talking about how they know a ton of people who took that launch day off. Least to say, this is the first time with a game series, that I have felt so immensely excited for a game. I find my self trying desperately to deal with my boredom for waiting for the most coveted of days. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty as to why I am so excited for this upcoming entry into the always fantastic, Fallout.

Modular Armor/Weapons: While nothing new to modders or gamers, modular systems are quickly taking over our OCD and joy of gaming freedoms. When Todd Howard stepped onto the stage and showed off the modular power armor, weapons and a game play trailer lightly showing different outfit possibilities, many of the fans could be heard clapping and screaming out with joy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make a musket laser rifle with 12x optical scope or a laser pistol with full auto. This even extends into the ability of power armor and having to choice in choosing which bits you want over others, with full completed sections more than likely offering more bonuses. For me personally, being able to take a weapon/armor I love and enjoy and to be able to tool it to fit what I want it to do, that just makes me immensely thrilled and happy. Just having that small snippet of video time has given fans much to wonder and speculate upon. Nothing helps to sell a game better than the hype train. I mean, you wouldn’t be getting this article right now if me being excited for a game like this coming out, if it weren’t for Bethesda’s slow steady trickled of small bits of information.

fallout-4-crafting-weaponsPlayer Made Settlements: Taking a queue from some of the biggest mods for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, being able to run, construct, defend and live in a settlement that you took time to craft and make your own is going to be something that I will literally spend my life in. Well, maybe not THAT long but close to it. I love being able to make my own stuff. Coming from Fallout 3 and having the okay choices of housing, I felt amazed and heard when I saw the game play reveal for the modular building system. Taking items from within the game world and then breaking them down and then using them to make a door, a wall, a terminal or a turret to use within your settlement.

The magic starts here.

Now like the above mentioned, Bethesda has been super keen on making sure that not much gets talked about when it concerns Fallout 4’s much anticipated building system. I would love to know how big the settlement sizes can be and how they will dynamically affect the game and how they are then interacted with. I mean if bandits can raid you, whats to say a faction you pissed off, like say the Brotherhood of Steel, sending ground forces supported by Verti-Birds to assault one of your crafted settlements. One thing I would like to also know is what if these factions can then occupy or destroy your settlement? Now, now, I know most of you would be up in arms over that, especially if you poured so much time and resources into it’s inception to only lose it from one well timed raid. For me, I would very much love to see this type of system implemented, which thankfully with mod support on consoles, that just might be a reality.

Console Mod Support: This one right here ladies and gentlemen is a game changer in terms of how long we will play our console based RPG’s and what we do to entirely mess up our consoles. Now to start with the awesome fact that Mods will finally be fully implemented onto consoles is something that seems space age! Just thinking of how we will be able to get many of the cool weapon or texture packs just sends my mind racing further. Being able to add new and unique companions or maybe fleshed out features, like capture of settlements by npc factions, will add so much more to the games initial life span and what we as the player community are able to do for our games. This also comes with a bit of fear and worry.

The mod support comes to Xbox-One First, with PS4 coming up soon!

Having been a gamer who has extensively modded both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, I worry about game crashing mods or mods that may have accidentally rewritten a bit of script that you as the player can not go back and fix. It scares me to think that this may be possible. This is not without fore-thought I am sure. What do I mean by that? I am sure Bethesda, Microsoft and Sony are all looking into ways to implement mod support in a fashion that may only promote mods that work well with one another and ones that aren’t to brick your game or console. How much this will dictate what we get as console gamers may be hampering and potentially limited. Yes, this is a legitimate fear to have about something as big as mods for consoles. I don’t want a watered down system of only a few re-textures or a few new guns, I want to be able to have at least a more free form approach to the console mods. This however may be in good faith but not based in everyday practicality. We have to give and take in a section of gaming that is really uncharted for the console gaming environment.

Now these are just some of the bigger topics that feed my hype train with fuel and make the days leading up to the 10th of November, all that much more agonizing and dreaded. I do have faith that Bethesda will deliver us a fantastic Fallout entry and one that may have it’s share of bugs. This does not put me off as a fan as I understand that Bethesda is known for a ‘few’ small bugs here and there but, I am sure we will see maybe a week one patch. I hope that we don’t see a day one patch but that is sadly to be almost expected with most launch day releases. Not everything can be caught falling through the nets of quality control. I guess another thing I look forward to is finding out what amazing melodies will get to grace our ear drums as we meander and wander the wastes of Boston while toting a mini-gun and blasting away super mutants. Maybe Three Dog? Hopefully but I am not going to notch that one high up as I don’t wish to feel soul crushed. I doubt that this will be the last post I have in regards to Fallout 4, it will be something that is progressively ongoing all the way up to and past launch day. Now my question to our loyal viewers! How pumped are you for Fallout 4? Will this be a first time entry to the series? Will you be adding this to your already massive Fallout collection? Or will you be avoiding this game like the plague for whatever reason (fairly sure demonic possession may be involved here…). All joking aside, let us know in the comment section below! Thank you for putting up with our hype train antics!


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