As I am a big fan of keeping everyone in the know, I just wanted to set some time aside and give you all a big heads up! We will, tentatively planning, be show-casing several new games on live stream feeds. We have for the past week and a half now, been jumping between Twitch and YouTube Gaming. While we are not big fans of YouTube Red at all, we do enjoy that the app at least will save our live streams, so that way, no one misses out! Twitch still has yet to implement that feature for the consoles… Anyways, on to the beef of the subject matter.

fallout_4___fanmade_wallpaper_by_barabanrus-d8y5bc6We will be getting Fallout 4 this coming 10th of November, provided our local Super-center acquires it; yes I know, I pre-ordered from Wal-Mart! You want to fight about it? That being said, I do hope I am able to pick it up day one as the gods above have granted me that day off. We will then have a seven day gap to play, review and stream that game until our next big title comes out. Star Wars Battlefront will debut the 17th of November and while we aren’t dropping Fallout 4 by any means, our focus will be drastically split between the two bulking behemoths. What this does for you viewers is that it makes it a glorious time to be alive for one, two it means you will get two reviews within two weeks AND within an actual release window! Glorious, I know. I want these two titles to usher a new page for our website and in terms of how we dissect and review said titles. I have been cooking up something and I do hope that it will make things worth while. I do not know when the live stream for those said titles will be, I do know that for Fallout 4, I at least want to be able to play with Settlement building so, it will be based on how long it can take me to get to that part, as well as getting used to how the game world functions and plays. Star Wars Battlefront will be easier, I just need to find a date and have ample time to do an intensive sit down.

So, as far as the above is concerned that is what to expect from us in terms of game reviews. I have to see what our other writers on here are at least planning to do, so that way we can at least have some sort of basic out line available for you all to follow or look at. As far as future updates are concerned. I do want to work on our give-away programs. However that all is really based on our Patreon page, which is still running and can be accessed by this amazing link right here. We will also include a link down below for you all the click on in-case this one does not work for whatever reason. I know this is beaten silly but really, it will help out us here, as well as help you all with our give-away’s and other planned events! I should also be posting a Patreon video soon as well so that way you can actually see me talking about it and not just… typing it out. I don’t ever want to have to give away a used or pre-owned game but, I take care of my stuff, so if things came down to it, I would totally give-away one of the games I no longer play. It would lack DLC of course but you would get everything else, maps, soundtrack(s) or whatever other goodies are included. Though this end is a very last resort, trust me on this.

In terms of what is left to cover that pretty much nails everything I wanted to talk about. I know I may have missed something and if I did, there would be an edit on the post that would be easily accessible for you awesome viewers! Thank you as always for reading this long and surely boring post. I will be doing more anime related posts soon! There are a lot of current anime still running so, it is basically a time game right now. Actually, in terms of a time game we do have out upcoming planned trip to Naka-Kon 2016, which is now less than six months away! WOW! That will be a topic for a future post however. Thank you so much again and we will see you all in the next article!

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